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Add More New Patients With Fewer Cancelations

Save time & improve workflows

As a dentist, dental group, or DSO looking for production growth, you want to attract and convert as many new, high-quality patients as possible to fuel that growth. But, according to the latest ADA report, not enough patients booking and too many patients canceling are holding many dentists back from the growth they seek.

While several post-pandemic studies have highlighted the reality of digital fatigue in consumers, the fact remains that consumers do have a preference for some digital communication from healthcare providers. A new Gartner report reveals that consumers want – and expect – a seamless user experience that includes digital self-service experiences where applicable. Making that process “frictionless” for your patients – particularly new patients – is a must for your web design and overall user experience.

What does frictionless mean?

The opposite of friction. 😉

It means no hiccups! It means patients can move through your website easily, with a clear path to quickly find the information they want. At Patient NEWS®, we build custom, high-converting websites with digital experiences that patients love with functionalities like FlashSmile®, our teeth whitening app that’s exclusive to our clients, unlimited call scoring to ensure inbound calls are managed effectively, and eZ Online Scheduler, which gives patients the seamless and frictionless experience they expect.

With online scheduling quickly becoming an industry standard, are you considering the feature for your website? Many dentists have held back due to concern that their schedules will become messy, because they want control of online booking requests, or – which I’m sure is the case for most – they just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Don’t worry! With eZ Online Scheduler, you retain full control, and customization and setup are a breeze, so it’s a no-brainer.

Here’s some further data that may encourage you to move this website enhancement up the priority scale.

A recent survey of healthcare consumers who had seen a provider in the past 12 months revealed the following insights about online scheduling:

  • Most are comfortable using online booking services and appreciate the 24/7 convenience
  • 95% have either booked a medical appointment online or would if the option was available
  • Almost all Millennials and Gen Xers would use self-scheduling, and 92% of Boomers would if it was offered
  • 76% of Millennials are more likely to choose a new provider with online scheduling; 55% of Gen Xers and 36% of Boomers feel the same way
  • Across all demographics, approximately 90% of consumers plan to schedule online.

Online scheduling offers a myriad of benefits to both the patient and the practitioner. Let’s sink our teeth into this digital functionality and uncover how it’s revolutionizing patient interactions with their oral healthcare providers.

  1. It Saves Your Patients – & Your Practice – TIME: Compared to other methods of appointment booking, online schedulers are much faster. Time is valuable for both you and your patients, and if you can simplify the process for them, they are more likely to return. It’s evident that when people desire something, they want it immediately. If your practice still relies on manual appointment booking, you may make the patient experience more tedious than necessary, thus causing patients to move on and seek treatment elsewhere. The message here is that you could be losing opportunities if you don’t have fast online booking or fast responses to online booking requests. The same rule applies to responding to inbound calls. Make sure you answer the majority of these calls live for a smooth patient experience. (Take note here: Our data proves that higher call answer rates increase new patient results!)
  2. Increased Patient Empowerment & Engagement: Online scheduling empowers patients by putting the control of booking appointments into their hands. This autonomy is not just about convenience; it’s about engagement. Patients who book their appointments online are more likely to feel a sense of commitment to their dental health. They’re making an active choice rather than passively accepting a time slot. This sense of ownership often leads to higher rates of appointment adherence, which reduces no-shows and last-minute cancellations.
  3. Enhanced Accessibility & Inclusivity: The accessibility of online scheduling breaks down barriers for patients who might find it challenging to make appointments during traditional office hours. This is particularly beneficial for busy professionals and parents with active children, and can be a hurdle-jump for patients with dental anxiety who may avoid making a phone call.
  4. Improved Patient Satisfaction & Loyalty: The convenience of online scheduling directly correlates with patient satisfaction. The ability to book, reschedule, or cancel appointments at any time from any device is a game-changer. Providing this type of hassle-free experience will increase patient loyalty and satisfaction, making people more likely to return and refer.
  5. Social Media & Online Reviews: Online scheduling ties in closely with social media and online reviews. Patients who enjoy the ease of booking online are more likely to share their positive experiences on social media and/or leave favorable reviews. These public endorsements can influence others to choose your practice, further expanding your patient base.
  6. Minimize Human Error: As humans, we all make mistakes from time to time. However, when it comes to businesses, consumers can be less forgiving than they are with individuals. Making mistakes such as double-booking or booking appointments incorrectly can quickly lead to unhappy patients. Even the best-run practices can experience 5-10% human error rates. Web schedulers can help minimize this risk by allowing customers to input their own information, including contact details and preferred appointment times, taking the responsibility out of your hands.
  7. Streamline Your Marketing: Once you have online scheduling built into your website, you can integrate all your marketing, from Google Ads and social posts to direct mail and all your automated communications. By integrating the link to your online scheduler, you provide consistency throughout the patient journey.

The digital transformation brought about by online scheduling is about more than convenience. It’s a significant shift toward patient empowerment, engagement, and satisfaction, and it profoundly impacts patient behavior in ways that shape the future of dental care. Dental offices must prioritize consumer-focused technology to stay competitive and successful.

At Patient NEWS, we’re dedicated to helping dentists, dental groups, and DSOs stand out and grow, and we’d love to be part of your success story. We can not only help you make it easier for new patients to book, but we’ll also help you gain more new patients and reduce cancelations! Our eZ Online Scheduler is not just a tool; it’s a catalyst for a happier patient experience and a thriving, profitable practice.

Integrated within your practice management software, our eZ (peasy) Online Scheduler improves the patient experience with convenient 24/7 access, increasing web conversions and new patient appointments!

Setup is easy, and the feature is desktop- and mobile-friendly with SMS and email confirmations. Don’t worry about how complex your schedule is – you get unlimited appointment types and bookings, and you can customize appointments by providers with photos, availability, and appointment types (including blocked times). It’s a low-cost add-on to your Practice ZEBRA® subscription – only US $99/CDN $119. Ask your Account Manager for details!