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Discover What Actually Drives New Patients & Production

Tech-enabled marketing just works better. Forget manual tracking and guesswork, get your eyes on your results in black and white. Practice ZEBRA dental marketing software’s accurate attribution powers better decisions to fuel practice growth. Setup is easy!


Unlock the full potential of your practice. Add the dental marketing software that helps dentists & DSOs take production to the max!

Upscale Marketing Performance

With accurate marketing attribution so advanced, (phone, email, and address), that dental offices have access to data they need to make good decisions, the type of data normally only available for large corporations.

Empower Everyone

With deep practice insights, ZEBRA or ZEBRA Enterprise focuses on actionable, mission-critical KPIs with a user interface that’s easy to analyze for practice, group and marketing decision-making.

Supercharge Growth

With predictive analytics and goal setting. Visualize your future using current metrics to predict how small changes to key performance metrics can significantly impact production over one or two years.

Improve Marketing Results

With call tracking, unlimited call scoring and training. Track campaigns, get feedback, unlock insights, and drive production. Built for dental offices, with real-time actionable data to understand the patient experience, and pinpoint growth opportunities.

Move Faster

With automated patient communications. Reduce manual tasks and effectively communicate with patients, schedule more, get more reviews, promote special services, save time, and boost production.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

With eZ Online Scheduler for your website. Don’t lose business to dentists offering a convenient option. Directly integrated with your practice management software, improve the patient experience with convenient (customized) 24/7 access to your schedule.

What Our Clients Say

With Black & White Visibility For Transparent Results


Know what levers to push or pull. Every metric in Practice ZEBRA is designed to be actionable making it easy to spot and understand the variables that contribute to successful marketing and practice performance.

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ZEBRA Enterprise for Groups & DSOs


Enhance the patient experience and increase profits at each location. Track the ebbs and flows, zero in on what and where needs work, and compare results in roll-up enterprise reports. Benchmark each practice and monitor ongoing progress for multi-location success.

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For Solo & Multi-Office Management


Effectively track, measure, and facilitate every step of the patient journey. Get all of your practice performance metrics and trends with clickable, easy-to-access reporting, including roll-up Enterprise reports and industry-averages.

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Truly Understand Results From Every Dental Marketing Campaign

See where patients are coming from – by production value to create like-audiences, improve targeting, and attract more ideal new patients. Clear attribution down to the penny patients spend in production per campaign allows for more informed decision-making!
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Improve Results & Grow Production. Benefit From A Modern Dental Marketing Platform.


Set Realistic Goals & Track Results


Maximize production. Truly data-driven planning to identify the biggest gains for the practice, then set your goals and track variances, revise strategies, and proactively close gaps.

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Supercharge New Patients With Call Scoring


Understand every aspect of your new patient calls. Reveal performance, identify insights, know why patients don’t book, and implement improvement actions for every new patient call. Empower your team with visibility and recognition and generate more new patients!

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Make It Easy For New Patients To Book


Directly integrated with your practice management software, our eZ (peazy) Online Scheduler improves the patient experience with 24/7 convenient access, increasing web conversions. Add-on with Practice ZEBRA.

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Increase Patient Reviews On Your Website


Reviews influence 97% of buying decisions. Review BOOSTER (text AND email), adds value with educational content that delights patients and increases reviews. Add-on with Practice ZEBRA.

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Appointment & Recall Reminders


Increase production, make your practice more efficient, keep your schedule booked, and improve patient care. Save time, minimize no-shows, and improve productivity.

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Reactivation Booster


Increase appointments from lapsing patients. Re-engage patients that haven’t had a transaction with your practice in 9-24 months with fun and engaging campaigns.

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Monthly Patient Email Newsletters


High-quality content in a set-it-and-forget-it program. Each month patients enjoy the engaging content, and ready-to-go templates help you email anything any time!

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2-Way Texting


95% of texts are read in 3-minutes. Share last-minute changes, appointment openings, and more to improve patient satisfaction and convenience.

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Dental Membership Plan Booster


Convert low value non-insurance patients to high value member patients with customized, automated cadences that engage and help boost production!

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Frequently Asked Question

In a nutshell, how it Practice ZEBRA different?

Practice ZEBRA is your dental “marketing” software and it pairs beautifully with most practice management software systems to support informed business decisions related to marketing activities and onboarding a consistent flow of new patients. With business intelligence (dental intel), patient values, market share mapping, marketing intelligence and advanced attribution by phone, email, AND address, Google analytics, and predictive analytics with 1 & 2-year forecasts based on current performance, and goal setting. Patient reports, weekly KPI and benchmark reports are available at the solo or group level. All call tracking lines have unlimited call scoring with easy-to-use summaries. ZEBRA Hello! includes automated communications and templates, and the eZ Online Scheduler improves the patient experience on your website.

How do I get started with Practice ZEBRA dental marketing software?

To get started, schedule an initial call today. We’ll review your practice goals, and set you up for a free live demo, and if you’re interested can prepare a complete market research report for your dental office. Our friendly team of dental marketing experts will guide you through the process.

Why do I need another software?

Practice ZEBRA offers advanced marketing attribution for your campaigns – by address, email, and phone. This enables you to monitor the complete patient journey and understand marketing results down to the penny patients spend in production. Raw data is nominally useful. You may know your monthly new patient numbers, or active patients, but do you know how much production you can add to your dental practice over the next 1 or 2 years by focusing on any key performance metric? The unique predictive analytics module helps you uncover the fastest and most meaningful ways to growth. And, Practice ZEBRA’s human trained AI conversation intelligence empowers your team to convert more new patients.

How fast can I see my key performance metrics?

Within minutes you’ll be able to pull a complete benchmark report showing your dental practice KPIs and trends for any time frame. You’ll be able to view the geo-plot maps showing you the neighborhoods where your dental patients reside, by value, and the areas you’re drawing new patients for better marketing targeting (no wasting dollars going into areas not primed to respond). You’ll immediately start receiving Weekly KPI reports so you can act and start maximizing your dental production within days.

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Welcome to Patient NEWS! The first step in our process is to get to know each other a little better. With an initial 30-minute call, we will discuss your goals, and our solutions and see if we might be a good fit for your practice.

To determine the best digital or direct mail strategy, we layer in a comprehensive 24-page custom Market Research report, regularly $795, now available to you at no charge! This includes a free live demo with Practice ZEBRA! Find out more in your Free Initial Call.