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Our exclusive dental facebook content options keeps you and your team worry free!


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Dental patient education is at the forefront of our services. And one of the biggest hassles that dental professionals face is coming up with good content. With our exclusive dental Facebook content options you and your team will be worry free!

  • 100's of high-quality posts
  • A wide variety of topic categories
  • Exclusive cartoons, jokes & trivia
  • Save time & anxiety over what to post (and you'll have copyright permission)
  • Affordable, Easy & Convenient

We know you want to do it yourself, yet ... sometimes you just need a helping hand. We know how much work it takes to maintain your facebook page – there's a lot of pressure and anxiety. People use Facebook for entertainment and fun – and it should be fun for your team too! No worries about what to post, copyright infringement, with this package you have complete control.A cartoon drawing of a dentist talking to a young patient

While the goal of patient education marketing is to drive more business, it's important to keep readership in mind. This package gives you a great resource to dip into. Every post is related to dentistry and oral health. Exclusive content created specifically for Patient News clients ... you won't find this quality any where else... Cartoons, Did You Know, Education, Family, Fruits & Vegetables, General Dental, Health, Jokes, Nutrition, Seasonal, Statistics, Toothbrush Truths, Trivia ... and more!

Written, planned and organized ... you get:

  1. Awesome Posts created specifically for facebook ... did you know the highest traffic days for posting are Monday, Wednesday & Friday?!
  2. Easy to track posting chart
  3. Tips and support to create and manage your facebook business page


Five TIPS for posting on Facebook:

  1. Check out the Facebook Help Center. There are step by step instructions and easy to follow tips for setting up your business page.
  2. Personal pages are for people, business pages are for your practice. Link your business page to the dentists personal page for long term ownership.
  3. Keep posts short
  4. Post photos, quotes, short articles, images, before & after pictures, cartoons ... don't be afraid to have some fun, patients will respond positively!
  5. Set up a consistent posting schedule that you can commit too - don't over commit and fall short.


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Call 888-377-2404 to find out more. Happy Posting!

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We are extremely satisfied!

- Dr. Doug Nielsen & Dr. Michele Nielsen, Inc, Richmond BC,
Facebook For Dentists
Dental Marketing Ideas For Your Facebook Page

Facebook logoFacebook's daily active users averaged 890 million in December 2014, an 18% year-over-year increase, which means a good portion of your patient base are there. That makes it a great extension to your core patient retention programs, but keep in mind that Facebook doesn't beat your proactive approach to dental patient retention with your patient newsletters, email bulletins, referral or loyalty programs. 

People use Facebook for entertainment and social interaction. When managing the business page for your dental practice, establish a strategy that covers:

  1. The mix of content types you'll post
  2. The consistency of posts you want
  3. And the amount of human resources you can allocate

Facebook really is is one of the easiest social media outlets for a local dental practice to use, especially if you have a Facebook champion on your team. When your establishing your dental Facebook content strategy consider that, according to Facebook, people gather on Facebook to talk about what's happening. That makes it easy to create a structure for your dental team to follow. 

You may want to consider posting:

  • Short relevant articles
  • Fun jokes and cartoons
  • Easy to read educational stats
  • Dental healthcare tips
  • Promotional offers or contests

And whatever you do, don't link your website and marketing materials to your Facebook page if you haven't posted since 2013! Call one of our dental marketing experts to find out how we can help you setup your Facebook page, and support your team with easy to use Facebook posts!