Is an educated patient a better patient?

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Yes, 100% of our clients say yes.

Patient NEWS clients are killing it with production levels 25% above industry average. Our clients have consistently improved on their pre-COVID production. That’s because marketing works. Because a focus on key actionable metrics and improved call handling works.

Dental offices that proactively communicate consistently and effectively, through ALL channels, with patients and new patients, get better results.

The market is showing that dentists can expect a bit of a downturn in dental visits due to the opening of activities, holidays, travel, events, and other luxury items. You might already be feeling the pinch. This will push dental care down on the consumer spending list.

To counteract the turn of consumer attention, dental offices are (or will want to asap) proactively working to gain attention of households in area neighborhoods to fill the coffers with fresh blood, if you will 😉, which contributes to growing revenue and profits.

Many successful dental teams do this using an effective direct mail campaign, precisely targeted to hot neighborhood areas, helping to secure market share, add high-value new patients, and reactivate lapsing patients. Our average client generates a 686% ROI after just 6 months.

Here are 7 stats to consider:

  1. 70% of consumers PREFER traditional mail for cold, unsolicited offers
  2. 76% of consumers trust direct mail over digital channels when they want to make a purchasing decision
  3. Direct mail outperforms all digital channels combined by 600%
  4. Direct mail response rates are 9x higher than email, paid search, and social with patients-of-record, and 5x greater for prospective patients
  5. 80-90% of direct mail gets opened, compared to 15-20% for email (although email newsletters from Patient News boast a 45% open rate)
  6. Over 70% of consumers say they prefer to connect through multiple channels before making a purchase
  7. 90% of Millennials feel direct mail is reliable and 82% feel it’s MORE trustworthy than digital.

The key is, not all direct mail is the same. Women, the primary decision-maker for healthcare services for the household, want quality information to make good decisions for their family. That’s why dental newsletters yield 170% higher response than a jumbo postcard.

In a recent survey, 100% of our clients agreed that an educated patient is a better patient and that the educational content in their newsletters sets their practice apart in their communities.

Newsletters help dentists overcome common barriers faced in motivating patients to choose their practice and continue to return. Things like patient and family attitudes towards dentistry, preconceived and outdated fears, and financial concerns. They help you explain to patients the serious link between oral health and overall health. A newsletter allows you to be empathetic AND provide solutions, exactly what dental patients need.

Not only is direct mail the most trusted of all channels, the newsletter format is the most trusted of all direct mail styles, providing stellar exposure as the expert in your field. You’ll build rapport, establish trust, and forge a unique connection that stands out from the competition. This type of campaign allows you to positively impact your community while driving great results for your practice.

And guess what? Because mail volumes are declining (we no longer receive all our bills and statements in the mail), advertising mail gets more attention and appreciation. In 2021, open rates for direct mail exceeded 90%, which means dental offices have an incredible opportunity to put the spotlight on their services, in the place where patients feel most comfortable and where the majority of buying decisions are made. In the home. Direct mail is the only way to reach 100% of your target audience. It will help you own your backyard, which you want to do, unless you’re planning on moving your location anytime soon!

Marketing through a downturn gets results.

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