7 Great Offers That Are Pulling Fantastic Results

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Clients are always asking us what other dentists are offering across the country and how those special offers are pulling. Here are the latest top 7 that are generating a significant flow of new patient calls! Get Acquainted Special – $47. Includes exam and bitewing x-rays Take-Home Whitening – $1. With completed new patient exam and x-rays Lumineer Smile Makeover $4995. 2 short visits, free consult, x-rays, exam, photos Free Whitening Kit with new patient exam $50 off any dental treatment, available to new and existing patients Free Cancer Screening with exam and x-rays New Patient Special – $99. Your offer doesn’t have to give away all your profit to be effective.

Your competitive advantages and value-added content will do most of the work to generate interest in your practice. Your offer has the function of adding urgency for your new patient to “call today.” Clients who are generating the best results usually feature two or three offers in their mailings. If you’re uncomfortable with a product or service discount, make sure you include a free consultation appointment where a prospect can come in to meet your team, check out your practice, and see if you’re a match. Once you have your prospective new patient on site, make sure you WOW them with great service. Your practice entrance and reception areas should be spotless. Your front desk team should smile and enthusiastically welcome them to their appointment.

Whoever is giving the tour should approach your new patient and shake their hand. (Don’t call them from across the room!) Have each staff member memorize pieces of your script that will include testimony to your practice, doctors, hygienists, and staff … “You’re going to love our practice” … “Dr. X is wonderful at…” … “our hygiene team…” and mention and reinforce the key competitive benefits you’ve highlighted in your marketing efforts. If you’d like more information about results-oriented patient acquisition strategies, please call our team for free expert advice. Your call will be answered live between 8:30am and 6:00 pm EST or messages will be returned within one business day. We know you’re busy and respect your time.

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