It’s May. Month 5. It’s gonna be June soon.

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Are you on the 2021 growth wave?

It’s May. It’ll be June soon. The year and the opportunity to sail past previous revenues will be half over.

With record GDP and home sales growth in 2021, your dental practice or group has an incredible opportunity, RIGHT NOW, to differentiate, stand out, and acquire more patients than ever before.

3 Top Things Dental Offices Are Doing Now to Maximize Success

The US economy is on fire; on its way back to pre-pandemic levels by summer with an upward V through the year! With home sales at record levels, patients are also on the move, so dental offices that are marketing and positioned for growth will take biggest slice of the cake. Many people we work with say they have never seen so many patients changing providers.

Here are 3 Bs to do RIGHT NOW:

  1. Bolster positive patient reviews
  2. Benchmark your key performance metrics
  3. Be seen, known, and trusted by area home owners.

BOLSTER Patient Reviews

With patients on the move and changing providers, they will be looking at your reviews. In general, the importance of reviews is on the rise.

  • 89% of customers won’t take action until they read reviews.
  • 100 reviews can raise your conversion rates by 37%. You want a minimum of 40 as a local business.
  • People could spend 30% more on your services when you have great reviews.

With direct mail on the rise and successful dental practices investing in print marketing, your patients and your potential patients will be checking things out online. Review generation must be part of your dental marketing plan.

Consumers trust reviews as much as a personal referral and they have become a major part of the dental buying decision. I know I’m not making any important buying decisions without checking reviews; what about you? Does your spouse or the main decision-maker in your home? Even my daughter is telling me how to better analyze reviews, how to look at poor reviews to see if those are complaints I care about, and how the business responds to comments…

9 out of 10 consumers read reviews before making a purchase. They want to see activity and recency.

Review Booster™ from Patient NEWS is best in class – and exclusive to dentists!

  • Super-easy, high-quality, created for dentists by dental people
  • Fast, lasting results
  • Easily integrates with the software you’re already using.

QUICK QUESTION … from one dental person to another. If you’re using a service like Birdeye or Podium, or any review tool that is NOT exclusive to dentists, why would you support that company versus Patient NEWS? We ONLY work with dentists and dental teams and we only work in the dental industry. This industry is all we have invested in for the past 28 years. We are dental people! Review Booster is BEST-IN-CLASS and you’ll save money by ditching others in favor of supporting a dental colleague.

BENCHMARK Key Performance Metrics

Correctly forecasting plays a major role in the success of any organization. It impacts budgets for hiring, purchasing, operational decisions, and other production-impacting activities. The right decisions now will help your dental office achieve the goals you have in mind for 2021. Assessing past trends and benchmarking where you are now becomes the foundation for good forecasting and decision-making.

Benchmarking is a means of finding a gauge for your dental marketing and practice processes, and Practice ZEBRA can help you do that. ZEBRA dental software has been rated as the best tool available by industry-leading consultants for the cleanest, easiest way to get the metrics you need without being overloaded with so many that you don’t know what to focus on. With at-a-glance reports, clean graphs, and dashboards, ZEBRA can instantaneously show you:

  • Practice production trends
  • Average patient & new-patient value
  • Current active patients, patient demographics
  • Average new patients per month and lost patients per month
  • Patient, new-patient & hygiene scheduling
  • Hygiene capacity, production by provider, procedure mix
  • Patient visits, lost patients, patients in danger of dropping off
  • And so much more … but how much more do you really need for decision making?

Practice ZEBRA is an all around best-in-industry dental software solution, and the ONLY one to provide ACCURATE attribution and ROI with business intelligence, marketing analytics, artificial intelligence, call tracking, recording and live call scoring, instant alerts, push reports, plus all key automated patient communication modules.

Check it out with a free consultation.

“Patient News does everything right. My consulting firm works with emerging DSOs, group practices, and entrepreneurial dentists. We needed a marketing firm to support our clients and started working with Patient NEWS, dental marketing, and Practice ZEBRA, dental software, in 2018. The high-quality digital and direct mail marketing solutions hit the mark for our clients. In addition, ZEBRA technology, with business and marketing intelligence, call tracking, scoring, and coaching has helped our clients to become more productive and efficient. – Chris McClure, Co-Founder, Aligned Dental Partners

BE SEEN, known, and trusted in area homes

Your patients and prospects are AT HOME. Record home sales have people on the move. That means your patients are moving and new patients are coming in and looking for a new dentist. BE the dentist they hear from the most. Direct mail is the only way to reach 100% of these homes, and with a high-quality message and format, your practice will be memorable.

Direct mail campaigns are an investment. No doubt. There is content development, paper, printing, postage, mailing, tracking … but the ROI on direct mail is incredible (particularly our newsletter format). Direct mail requires 21% less effort to understand than digital media, creates 70% higher brand recall, and 91% of families with young kids engage with print promotions. Just take a look at what happened to this practice when they engaged in direct mail.


This wasn’t a particularly aggressive campaign, and it took their new patient average from 36 per month to 79 per month. And with their new patient average rate of $2700, that added annualized revenue of $1.4 million to the practice.  Direct ROI from their campaign was 9:1. This is the result of precise targeting, expert content development, and consistency.

For your dental marketing investment, I’m a little biased, but I confidently state, as do hundreds of dental offices, that Patient NEWS direct mail is best-in-industry. We have exclusively operated in the dental industry for 28 years, we have worked with thousands of dentists, and we work very hard to continually give the best. We never stop analyzing, researching, and improving results.

We have generated millions of new patients for dentists across North America. And we make it easy. We take care of it all. Demographic analysis for precise targeting and list development, newsletter or postcard options, custom content with your competitive advantages, call tracking, recording and live scoring, instant missed call and missed opportunity alerts (the only INSTANT alerts in the industry like this), telephone training plus accurate attribution with address and phone matching – all presented in Practice ZEBRA to maximize production.

You cannot over-communicate to your community about your value proposition, the safety of your office, or the importance of oral health. Direct mail is increasing in effectiveness as digital channels become overwhelmed, and consumers are spending more time with their mail, at home, where 90% of buying decisions are made.

Just this week a dental consultant and speaker we were meeting with via Zoom held up one of our newsletters that had arrived at her home. Prior to the pandemic, she said, she may not have noticed the newsletter with all her travels, business meetings, and socializing … but now, she’s at home and it stood out and was noticeable. And she thought she would make the berry crumble recipe this weekend! Clients tell us all the time that patients LOVE the recipe in every edition.

Have you been holding off investing in direct mail, trying to cut costs, and be conservative? Now is the time to get going. If you’re not convinced, take a look at the production trends for our clients during this time period over the last three years.

GREEN is 2019. Steady growth. GOLD is 2020. The first few months were strong, with year over year increases over 10%. And then imposed closures killed dental production in April. ORANGE is 2021. Our clients continue to grow and outshine the average dental practice by over 25% in production! Now posting revenues well over 10% higher than pre-pandemic levels. Direct marketing and consistent patient communications work.


Your dental practice or group has an incredible opportunity, RIGHT NOW, to differentiate, stand out, and acquire more patients than ever before. Dentists who are marketing will be positioned to ride the growth wave.

We’re here to help you recover, stand out, and hurdle the competition! With us you get all 3 Bs! A great review building solution to bolster your online reputation, an awesome dental software in Practice ZEBRA (if you’re managing a dental office and haven’t seen it yet, you must add this to your todo list) to benchmark your metrics, and hands-down the best direct mail for dental offices so you’ll be seen, noticed, and trusted by area residents.  

Start with a free consultation and we’ll also prepare a free market area analysis with market share, competitors, drive time, patient opportunity, and more.