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The ULTIMATE Tools & Coaching Package

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Join this exciting, exclusive power community of like-minded dentists today. The ULTIMATE Package includes 1 hour of exclusive “small group” coaching every month with renowned practitioner Dr. Shahin Safarian of 7 Figure Dental PLUS connection to Practice ZEBRA, the industry’s newest dental software for practice growth and profitability!

The best part? This exclusive, exciting, new opportunity will set you up for success in 2021 & you can START FOR FREE NOW! In the first 30-Days you'll get:

  • Connection of Practice ZEBRA & Setup Of Tools You Want (more detail below)
  • Practice ZEBRA Tutorial
  • Review Of Key Practice Metrics
  • First Full Coaching Session With Dr. Safarian
  • Welcome Package

Based on total satisfaction with tools and program, billing will commence after the first free month. >>>TRY IT FREE - SUBMIT YOUR FORM NOW>>>>>

The first step is to connect your PMS to Practice ZEBRA (that’s why we need your PMS system, version, and installation contact). ZEBRA should be installed on your server or computer that doesn’t turn off (like any other automation you may have). Install takes no more than 15 minutes on your side, and your data will load within 24 hours. After this time, you’ll have your first 1:1 coaching session with Dr. Safarian.

Complete the form and we’ll be in touch right away to coordinate and securely collect your credit card number. No billing for 30 days as promised.

Using Practice ZEBRA, Dr. Safarian will assess areas for practice improvement and find ways to both increase production and reduce costs – putting more money in your pocket!


The ULTIMATE Package is just $499/month and, right now, you get the first month FREE!

  • Monthly coaching with Dr. Shahin Safarian of 7 Figure Dental in motivated peer groups of 4 to 5 people
  • Unlimited support for Practice ZEBRA with practice intelligence, patient reports, KPI reporting, marketing analytics, and features including call tracking, patient communications, Appointment Reminders, 2-Way Text, Review BOOSTER, DMP Booster, Email Newsletters & more (check them out & choose which ones will work for you. You can even save budgets on some of these programs from other providers)!
  • Initial one-on-one review of key practice metrics*
  • Benchmarking against the industry average & top-performing practices
  • Opportunities identification & prioritization
  • BONUS Discounts from more than 20 other industry service providers
  • BONUS Phone Power Telephone Training to help your team convert more new patients

Get and stay ahead of the curve with this Ultimate Tools and Coaching Package. Get Practice ZEBRA and Dr. Safarian of 7 Figure Dental for just $499/month! Credit card will be taken to begin with your first month free!


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