Get Smart About Your Dental Marketing With Practice Intelligence

Top 3 ways to maximize ROI, increase production, & blow past your competition 

Is your dental practice marketing providing new and current patients the very best possible experience at every phase of their journey with your office?  

It’s one thing to “think so” because you and your team are putting in the work, providing excellent dentistry, and you can pay the bills. 

But are you completely confident that your practice is doing as well as you believe it is?  

Do you have the evidence to prove it? Do you know your key performance indicators (KPIs) that tell the true story of your practice situation and trajectory? 

No? Then know this... 

It’s a must to get connected to a practice intelligence tool that provides 100% visibility into what is happening at your practice.  

After all, how can you make the changes you need to if you really don’t know what’s working and what isn’t? 

How Dental Practice Intelligence Works 

By connecting to your practice management software, dental practice intelligence sheds light on all the key metrics and trends at your office. This information can be easily accessed online – anywhere, any time. 

Some of the key insights dentists have access to include: 

  • Call conversion data  
  • Production data – per year, per month, per day, per patient 
  • New-patient acquisition data 
  • Digital presence data. 

So, how can advanced practice intelligence help you increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns, get more patients through the door, and improve operational efficiency?  

Top 3 Dental Marketing Tips To Maximize Practice Intelligence 

Dental Marketing Tip #1 – See which campaigns are bringing you the most patients. 

Do you know where your new patients are coming from? With a practice intelligence tool, you will know how many new patients are generated from your website, print newsletters, and other marketing materials. Know where to focus; where to shift marketing dollars to ensure they are well-spent. 

That’s not all. Also available is the total production value of these patients and projections on their value to your practice each year.  

Dental Marketing Tip #2 – Identify lost opportunities – and act. 

Imagine getting a text or email notifying you that potential new patient didn’t book an appointment at your practice. And you got it seconds after their call?  

The average new patient is worth double the value of an existing patient. That’s why it’s incredibly important to schedule as many new-patient appointments as possible. If a team member fails to make that happen, you have time to turn things around. But only a small window of time.  

Practice ZEBRA™, a cloud-based software solution, provides the dental industry’s first instant alert system of its kind. With artificial intelligence, it has established an algorithm via machine learning that "listens” to the call after it’s been completed and fires off notification to your team so that they can act. It’s fast and simple. 

A tool like this will help you get back in touch with those patients – before one of your competitors seizes the opportunity.  

Dental Marketing Tip #3 – Find out how phone call handling is affecting practice production. 

In North America, the average dental practice answers 80% of its new-patient inbound calls. But of thoseless than half are converted to an appointment.  

Why is this important?  

  • In year one, the average new patient spends $1,900 
  • The lifetime value of a long-term patient is at least $4,500. 

For most new patients, the front desk is the first point of contact. That’s why, once you get them to your office with effective dental marketing strategies, it’s vital that whoever answers the phone is friendly, helpful, speaks with confidence and enthusiasm… and knows how to sell.  

Practice intelligence gives you a clear picture of what’s happening on the phone. No longer do you have ttrack information manually or rely on anecdotes. You’ll know 

  • which campaigns are generating calls and when 
  • how many calls aren’t answered and which ones go to voicemail 
  • who on your team is an all-star call handler 
  • and more. 

Can you envision having this kind of data at your fingertips? Just think of how it can help with patient acquisition and retention efforts. It’s the kind of digital report card you can make better marketing decisions with. And spot training opportunities – so your team can convert with ease. 


Other practice intelligence highlights 

Here are just a few of the other ways you can enhance your dental marketing campaigns: 

  1. Website analytics – Which pages of your website are performing well? Which ones could use a bit of TLC? How much time does the average user spend on your site? When they get to your homepage, do they stay? Odisappear? These digital metrics and many more help you understand who is engaging with your brand and why others aren’t.
  2. 2-way texting – If a patient inquires about an appointment with a textwouldn’t it be nice to know right away and be able to respond from your computer? If it’s not something you’re using now, you’ll want to.  
    Nowadays, patients are more inclined to text or send a Facebook message than call. According to research, the average person sends and receives 32 texts per day but only makes or answers six calls.That’s 500% more texts than calls! 
  3. Improved communication – Patients expect exceptional dental care and customer service. They want to feel appreciated and get value out of their relationship with your dental office. That means you have to differentiate yourself from the typical dentist.  

Practice ZEBRA™ is the only solution that brings together KPIs and marketing automation. With it, you’re able to automatically ask for online reviews from happy patients to improve your reputation and stay top of mind with informative and engaging eNewsletters. 


Does practice intelligence sound like it would make your practice life easier? Do you want to be able to make calculated decisions that get you more patients, increase your bottom line, and free up your time to do the dentistry you love and enjoy a healthy work-life balance? 

Patient Newsa trusted dental marketing agency, can put you on this path. It’s incredibly easy to get connected to Practice ZEBRA™You’ll get the numbers that matter to you – instantly – so you can begin taking action to build the practice you’ve always dreamed of. 

And while you’re talking to us… we can inform you about the proven marketing solutions that will raise awareness of your practice – with the right patients – and build you up as a dental authority in your community. 

free demo is yours! Call now to learn how our practice intelligence solution will help you get the results you’re looking for. One of our marketing consultants would love to hear about your 2020 goals and give you a test-drive of Practice ZEBRA™. The time is now – get on board with an elite community of like-minded dentists who are hitting their targets and doing laps around the competition. 

Tracey Gilbert, Account Success Manager