According to a report from Epsilon Targeting, North American consumers prefer to learn about marketing offers via postal mail and newspapers rather than from online sources. This research is consistent with study after study which shows that North American consumers – up to 9 out of 10 – prefer receiving offers OFFLINE via print and direct mail. This includes all age groups. Print is so welcome that it allows you to build relationships over time in a non-intrusive way … like no other medium. The study also shows that consumers least like to receive advertising messaging in mobile, email and on social networks. Print allows you to clearly present your value, increase your brand awareness and it is extremely cost-effective.

In a 2011 study by Target Marketing Magazine, experts report that direct mail consistently provides the greatest Return on Investment in the marketing mix, for both client retention, and the acquisition of new clients. Print must be part of your overall marketing budget and strategy. To build your practice it is imperative to be visible. Direct mail provides 100% reach to your target audience via targeted direct mail to your community or to your existing patient database. With click through rates skyrocketing and the continuing uphill battle for first page placement through Search Engine Optimization, choose to demonstrate your clinical expertise in a way that is guaranteed to reach patients, in a way that is informative, enjoyable, preferred and empowering.

Here are 3 quick tips that will help you do that.

1. Provide the Quality Information Your Patients Need and Want. Your patients and potential patients don’t really care about technological specs – they just want to know how you can benefit them! Good educational information about the mouth/body link, patient-friendly procedures and technologies will, when accompanied by quality before and after images, contribute positively to your patient experience. Your print marketing program that adds value for patients will get results.

2. Differentiate. Your print campaign is an ambassador for your practice – one that will give you the competitive edge. Think about the kind of information that would be important to you in evaluating a professional service. Readers want to know what makes you special and different from your competition including: Professional qualifications and designations, Specific services or specialties, Experience and years in practice, Clear contact information and valuable offers and Specific benefits of your practice (convenient location and hours)

3. Mail Consistently. Send your mailings to existing and potential patients on a regular basis to build relationships and get results. Your print campaign will drive targeted, high quality new patients to your practice. Direct mail also supports your other marketing efforts, so use it consistently and realize the benefits to your overall marketing strategy. Amazingly, according to Target Marketing’s 2011 Annual Media Usage survey, despite direct mail being a top performer, some companies are reducing spending in this medium! Digital strategies are important but don’t be mislead to believe they are a replacement for print. Simply stated, choose direct mail for your greatest return on investment. Call Patient News for more information on this subject or for expert advice in marketing your dental practice.