Dental Marketing: Here’s what’s guaranteed NOT TO WORK

You know what’s guaranteed not to help your practice situation?

Not taking action.

You’ve attended so many CE courses, taken countless notes, and been inspired by speakers with great ideas.

You’ve collected a ton of information about marketing.

You’ve spoken with experts who’ve given you direct and specific recommendations to grow your profits.

You’ve read, listened, and viewed many success and failure stories in dentistry.

You’ve seen the data on how to improve practice operations, scheduling, and patient communication.

If you’ve been through Practice ZEBRA™, you’ve seen the trajectory you’re on and recommendations for growth. If not, you need this…

And then, with all of this data and knowledge, here’s what’s guaranteed NOT TO WORK.

Not taking action … and not following through on the intended action.

In fact, when dentists stay status quo too long, they end up with a declining patient base – and many don’t even realize how quickly that state is catching up with them.

Let me ask you this… Do you have a “feeling” that you’re not getting enough new patients? Do you have an “idea” that you could be better at scheduling? Do you have any insights into how many calls are being missed each week at your practice?

So many of our clients are astounded at the state of affairs after getting visibility through Practice ZEBRA™.

Honestly, we end up just feeling damn sorry for some dental practices. We have so much insight and WE CAN HELP, so when dentists stall, don’t listen, or avoid decision-making, it’s completely frustrating because we know the outcome. And sometimes it’s not pretty for the practice.

On the alternative, it’s SOOOO exciting when dentists and their teams are engaged and excited when we show them how we can help.

That’s why, when we provide you with information, we work really hard at making it ACTIONABLE.

Allison Cox, Account Success Manager, and Jenny Smith, Marketing Consultant, recently onboarded a new client, LT Dental. The client was super-concerned about the lack of new patients and the results of their marketing campaigns. With a deep dive, Allison and Jenny uncovered a serious conversion challenge which also uncovered a serious scheduling challenge.

The practice had just over 23% of patients connected to their practice (appointments booked) and their active patient count was rapidly declining. When this happens, it takes a big effort on the part of marketing and the practice to turn the tide.

Allison and Jenny then coached the doctors to rally their reception troops and provide a team incentive – nothing crazy, just a reasonable bonus for extra effort. Allison provided the list of unscheduled patients, the practice stepped up with a gift card incentive for the front desk team, and set a goal to schedule at least X patients by the end of the month to get them to 30% scheduled.

Not only did the team rally, they hit that goal in ONE WEEK!

With an average patient value of $1425 per year, having hundreds of unscheduled patients is the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost production. Recapturing just 70 patients recaptured $100,000 for this practice – in ONE WEEK because they had information THEY COULD ACT ON.

And, because patients aren’t “attached” to your practice, attrition happens quickly. When the scheduling challenge was uncovered, the practice had 885 “active” patients (i.e. ones who have had a transaction with the practice in the last 24 months). The practice needed to schedule roughly 60 patients – and that’s what they did in the first week. However, what wasn’t accounted for was the decline that was already in motion.

Despite getting to 28% scheduled in one week – the practice active patient count dropped by 43 … this will turn around as the team continues to focus on scheduling, but you can see how quickly the drop can happen without focusing on the data AND TAKING ACTION.

This practice still has 600 patients not scheduled. At their average patient value – that equals over $800,000 NOT ATTACHED TO THEM. Annually! Phew – Practice ZEBRA™ and Allison and Jenny may just have helped this client avoid a disastrous year.

We can help you get the important data you need in order to take action and get results.

There is BIG MONEY in your data … time to take action is now. If you’re not yet connected to Practice ZEBRA™, contact your Account Manager or Marketing Consultant and get it done fast!

I’m guessing that sometimes we don’t take action because thinking about what all this information and data means can be overwhelming and even scary. As business owners, we get the swirling questions that flow through at 3am … what if I don’t have all of my patients scheduled? What if I’m not getting enough new patients to balance out attrition? What if my production numbers are slowly slipping?


We can help.

The difference with Practice ZEBRA™ versus any other practice assessment is that you get the data fast and you can take action fast. There is no worry, no uncertainty – only real facts. There are no complicated reports to sift through – you get clear visibility of your metrics and an experienced consultant to help you understand what to do to improve production and profit immediately. When you take one small step, as LT Dental did, you get results and then you feel more confidence with the next step. Before you know it, you’ll be sailing full steam.

Doesn’t that sound good?

You bet it does.

Schedule a Practice ZEBRA™ demo now. It’s step number one to success.

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