The Direct Mail Resurgence & What This Means

Direct Mail Resurgence

For the past eight years, many have regarded direct mail as a dying medium. There is no doubt that our mailboxes are less crowded than they were in years past. For one thing, fewer people are opting for billing statements via mail, and a large portion of transactional mail has shifted to digital formats. With less cluttered mailboxes, direct mail is making more of an impact than ever! Many practices continue to overlook what can be a critical part of their marketing mix.

So what is causing this resurgence? And what can this mean for dental offices across North America?

The Reasons behind Direct Mail’s Resurgence

  • Direct mail is easy to understand and more memorable than digital. It requires 21% less effort to understand and creates a 70% higher brand recall.
  • Direct mail is far more persuasive than digital. The motivation score (a measure of decision-making) of direct mail is 20% higher than digital. A 2% to 5% positive difference in motivation is considered a predictive indicator of behavioral change.
  • Direct mail gets the message across faster. Because it is processed more quickly, has a low cognitive load, and presents higher motivation scores, direct mail generates optimal results.
  • Direct mail outperforms digital media across all age groups. Researchers determined that direct mail’s persuasiveness and ease of understanding outperforms digital in all age groups.
  • There’s less mail to contend with. As transactional mail declines, “marketing mail” is getting more attention from consumers.
  • Direct mail is an online driver. 50% of consumers say they will go online to find out more about a company after they have received a relevant direct mail piece.

The future of direct mail

With so much to offer, it is no wonder direct mail is growing. Relevant mail breaks through the noise and reaches the consumer. Moreover, what makes it even more interesting, as technology evolves and on-line and off-line mediums merge, the direct mail medium has never looked so exciting or so promising.

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