Ditch The Boring Holiday Card

Doesn’t it always seem early when stores start stocking the shelves with holiday sparkle and wrap? But that’s your cue to get started on your holiday mailing to patients. WAIT! Before you go ahead with the same old boring cards…

Stop wasting time and money on holiday cards when you can have some fun with a customized holiday patient newsletter! (We all receive our fair share of “those” cards and we all know how we feel when they arrive… especially when they come through after the holidays are over.)

Call your Account Manager now and we’ll get it all done for you. Take a team selfie and we’ll prep a fun educational newsletter that patients will love and keep in their homes for many folks to read over the holiday and beyond. The value of the educational content is always appreciated, and you’ll really hit home with a design that will suit your practice – Chanukah, Christmas, general holiday, Kwanzaa, New Year’s … you name it, we’ll create it for you.

Make an even bigger impression by including a custom-designed matching redeemable gift card. I’m no Grinch, but the truth is that while 79-year-old Margaret might like a Christmas card … it’s Julie and Jennifer – your target head-of-household moms who need to book multiple appointments – that you need to reach. Get their attention by adding educational value to your holiday mailing and make it memorable with added custom sparkle designs. Ask your Account Manager to put together a free draft for your review today!

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