Finishing 2016 Strong

If you haven’t had an updated market analysis and marketing review with your Patient News representative in the past 90 days, you don’t know what you’re missing. Book it now.

We’re approaching 24 years of dental marketing know-how. We’ve completed massive amounts of research, we’ve conducted millions of dental marketing campaigns, and we’re learning more and more every day. I know you will be interested in what we can share with you about your practice and your neighborhood, and most importantly, how we can help take your practice to a whole new level. We have the experience to do what really works.

If you’re not completely happy with where you’re at – and we’re at the ¾ mark of the year – then you really owe it to yourself to allocate a small amount of time to finding out what my team might know that will help you change your trajectory for the balance of this year – and boost you into 2017 – which is going to be here before we know it.

I’ve mentioned it so many times, but it has to be repeated. This stat isn’t changing. Adult dentistry is in decline. People aren’t visiting the dentist and we see it in all areas of the country. People “think” they’re healthy or they are worried about cost and coverage. These are the folks who live around your practice … who drive by your practice every day. These are your patients that are stalling, have lapsed, and those who are fully inactivated.

If you’re feeling stuck and you don’t want to be stuck, we can get you moving. We can help you effectively target, attract, and convert more patients. Because you have capacity, you can also count on the fact that a new patient is going to have a much higher value to your practice over existing patients because your overhead is covered. You can increase profits with more new patients using existing staff and office. The only costs are consumables.

So, would you like to increase your topline revenue by $300,000? Half a million? More? We can show you the clear path – the proven process – for achieving these gains.  

The point is, you can dramatically change the trajectory for your practice. If you’ve plateaued, like the reported other 90% of dentists across the country, you can increase your results. All it will take is your decision to make it happen. All it will take is a few moments of your time.

Every day that you wait or stall or avoid getting this solid advice is costing you money. We can accelerate your results now so you will end 2016 on an upswing and enter 2017 going strong.

The best thing to do right now is to contact your Patient News representative and book that update meeting. There is never any cost or obligation for our discovery time or our extensive area analysis. I guarantee you will get value from the time spent. 

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