Focus On Key Practice Metrics To Get More New Patients

Business intelligence helps you gain patients to increase production & profits

When clients come to Patient News, they often convey their challenge as “needing more new patients,” but what that boils down to is that they want to have a more profitable and productive practice.

Now, with Practice ZEBRA™, we are helping our clients focus on key practice metrics certain to move the needle on that front. For sure, having a healthy flow of new patients is critical, at the same time effective internal processes for scheduling and internal retention marketing are just as high priority. With ZEBRA™, you can do and see it all.

As Hanna from Welland Dental recently stated on a client survey...

ZEBRA! Love the package, love that we know how to take better care of our patients. All the stats and numbers we need are in one place.

When patients are educated about their dental needs, they are more motivated to seek or complete treatment, and the effort to get those patients to your chair and keep them there is well worth it.

The average new patient is worth almost twice as much as an existing active patient, but the interesting note here is that your practice is most likely NOT MAXIMIZING that production opportunity.

After studying hundreds of dental offices, this trend is consistent. Most practices do a great job of getting a new patient to return for a 2nd visit, but that’s when everything falls off the rails. Scheduling new patients back AGAIN needs to be top of your priority list. The average dental practice with more than a million in production has around 40% of their new patients scheduled to return. For practices that need every dollar, those doing less than a million, the average is closer to 30%. In all cases, these are patients worth TWICE the value RIGHT NOW than existing patients.

Keep your schedule full

It’s no secret that effective scheduling is an art in itself. First you need to know who isn’t scheduled and then get to work on bringing those patients back in. Our clients are effectively using Practice ZEBRA to provide their team with tools necessary to get in touch with patients not currently connected to the practice.

Reduce your stress

With Practice ZEBRA you can measure scheduling success. It’s a team effort to work to ensure that your patients stay connected with your practice. Right now, you can benchmark your stats and get to work on improvements.

Do more of the dentistry you want to do

New patients are prime for diagnosis as evidenced by their high average annual value. If you’re not scheduling those patients to come back for a 2nd, 3rd or 4th visit … it's a waste of the marketing dollars you invested to attract them in the first place ... and it’s not only costing you lost production … it’s also holding you back from practicing more of the dentistry you want to do.

Are you gaining the new patients you want? Are you practicing the dentistry you want? Would you like to increase production and profits? Get Practice ZEBRA now. Call your account representative for details.


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