Get More New Dental Patients When You Share “What If” With your Team

Does everyone on your dental team truly understand the value that each new-patient inbound call means to your dental practice? Do they understand why you’re investing thousands of dollars into marketing campaigns to drive more new patients to call your practice?

We’ve raved about the insights we continue to get from our Dental Marketing Performance Dashboard (MPD). This is the platform that presents our clients with the data that we compile from scoring all practice inbound calls. The latest release of our MPD features an amazing What-If New Patient Calculator. Now you can see what happens when you increase your call-answer and call-conversion rates.

A single new dental patient brings an average value of $700 per year.

That same dental patient will spend, on average, 7-10 years with the same dentist.

That means that a new-patient inbound call has a direct average value of approximately $5,000.

Just for that single patient. In most markets that patient will be 1 of at least 2 that will come from the same household. Most dentists can expect that dental patient to refer at least 1-2 additional patients on average (family/friends/colleagues).

That means that one single inbound new-patient call could generate at least $15,000 in lifetime value for your dental office.

The front office team in a dental practice needs to know and understand what this means, to both the dental practice, and to their own job security and future income potential.

Our amazing What-If New Patient Calculator makes it easy to visualize the impact call handlers can have on practice value – without having to invest more marketing dollars to increase inbound calls to cover off the calls that are missed, blown, and lost at the front desk.

It’s no joke. AT LEAST 50% of potential new patients are lost at the point of telephone entry. On average 70-80% are answered live, and less than 50% are converted into appointments.

Dentists who are hitting it out of the park are answering their inbound calls at a rate somewhere over 90% live, and converting 60% to appointments. So, you’re not looking for perfection, just a focus on doing the best job possible with the available tools to get more new dental patients walking through your door.

What if your dental team understood the value of each inbound call and did their utmost to answer every call? What if your dental team understood how to manage and control every call so the majority ended up booked for an appointment?

Your practice would have a lot more new dental patients!

Here’s a scenario from an actual client dashboard.


This dentist generated roughly 240 calls, but his team missed almost 50% of them … 109 missed calls. Can you imagine this happening at your practice? Do you know this isn’t happening at your practice?

Additionally, this team is converting just 37% of the calls that they even answer.

The sad part for this dentist is – we are only tracking a portion of their inbound calls. This is happening to ALL their inbound calls. This practice is losing significant revenue by not focusing on hiring a stellar front desk team, providing quality telephone training, holding the team accountable and offering rewards for performance. As the above “What-If” New Patient Calculator shows – on these calls alone this practice could have had an additional $100,000 in first-year revenue. If this sameindifferent attitude is present in other areas of patient contact, it’s likely that this particular dental practice is challenged with repeat visits and referrals too.

Show your team how much they matter. Let them see how much their roles mean to practice security and growth. The people that answer your phone ARE THE PRACTICE to a new-patient caller. Hold this team in high esteem. They have the potential to drive practice success – or not.

Provide your team with the tools and ability to answer calls and the skills training required for effective call handling. Ask your Account Manager to walk you through our new What-If Calculator, assign a team lead from your front desk to work closely with your Account Manager, run all your team through our Phone Power team telephone training, and turn your “What-If” into reality. 

Get more new dental patients now. 

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