Identifying Your Opportunities -

In today’s challenging times, the way to grow your practice is to provide more services and better service to patients and prospective patients around your practice.

Drs. Michael and Azita Mansouri own and operate Marietta & Lawrenceville Family Dental Care in Georgia. They focus on general and cosmetic dentistry for the entire family. They’ve been clients for more than a year, and have increased their patients of record by 20% exclusively from their Patient News marketing plan.

Their newsletters and postcards allow patients to connect with their practice, building awareness of what they offer and the benefits of treatment, increasing patient loyalty and trust. They say the best thing about their Patient News marketing plan “is that it allows us to communicate by updating patients on the products and services we offer. It gets them involved at a more personal level.”

And that says it all in today’s world of connectivity. People want relationships with people, and in order to build relationships, we need to improve communications. In fact, your patient newsletter, in itself, becomes a service improvement. Plus, according to a recent Nielsen survey of US adults, consumers say it is print (advertising) that most influences their shopping choices.

  1. People rely on sales & product info by direct mail (67%)
  2. Direct mail leads as the most influential channel
  3. Nearly 90% wish to continue receiving print advertising at home

Couple the preference for direct mail with the fact that less than 50% of US adults have visited a dentist in the past twelve months and you have opportunity knocking.

In last month’s Dental Economics magazine, Dr. Robert Mongrain wrote about the five things he should have done five years ago. Number five was to be more open, flexible, and positive. Over the years, he found, he had gradually closed himself off to many opportunities without really knowing he was doing it. Now he recognizes the importance of listening, being open to change, trying new things, and taking chances. Now his goal for first response to any situation is to consider the opportunities that lie in front of him without letting ego get in the way.

That’s a critical message when you’re designing your practice marketing and communication plan. At Patient News, we’ve responded to market demand and are now much more than a newsletter company, with solutions that go well beyond direct mail newsletters and postcards including account management, analytics and reporting, email and digital services, logo development, office brochures, practice staff training, and more.

What marketing opportunities lie in front of you? How can you expand your services to better serve your community, and are you communicating your practice value proposition as effectively as possible through all channels?

Of the people that live within five miles of your practice, how many know about your practice and all that you offer? Are you confident that every new patient call is handled professionally and enthusiastically?  Are you getting the number of new patient calls you really could be getting?

The doctors at Marietta & Lawrenceville Family Dental Care have had great success with their Patient News marketing plan, increasing revenue by $90,000 in one year. Their plan includes exclusively targeted messaging to their patients and prospects. Call tracking allows them to return missed calls and follow up with inquiries, and they listen to the recordings to improve patient communication. The specials that their patients respond to most are their free cosmetic consultation, second opinion specials, and the different personal stories they include. “Since starting with Patient News, patient of record numbers have increased because potential patients are aware of what we offer and they accept treatment because they have already been informed of the benefits,” says Dr. Michael Mansouri.

Have you identified all of the marketing and practice growth opportunities that are available for your practice? Have you listened to patient and team feedback? Are you sure your plan of attack is as comprehensive as it could be? Call your Account Manager today for marketing guidance, expert advice, and ways to more effectively attract and engage patients.