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Dentist postcards are joked about on mainstream shows
Big Bang Theory Raj Quips About Dentist's Postcards In last weeks’ episode of Big Bang Theory, the US Air Force was tracking down Howard Wolowitz. He wasn’t interested in responding. His friend Raj had a different opinion. “You can’t ignore it – it’s not that postcard that says it’s time to go back to the dentist.” <<Insert laugh track here>>. Unfortunately you know and I know...
The Importance Of Friendships
Stay Connected: The Importance Of Friendships (For Older Guys) As men age, we lose friends, and many of us have difficulties making new ones. Make a conscious effort to make new connections and stay connected with family, friends, and others
Make your dental practice more profitable
What Reality TV Tells You About Your Dental Marketing Plan Direct mail really works! The newsletter format is proven to be twice as effective at engaging readers as a postcard or static mailer.  

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