Patient News & Dentists Go Together Like Salt & Pepper

It’s January 1st – everyone’s probably thinking about New Year’s resolutions. Rather than a list of resolutions, my sister suggested I try the theme your year with one-word (which is easier to keep top-of-mind all year), so I’m wondering about … “NO!” Haha just kidding … it is tough to pick just one word. Maybe “don’t worry” or “be happy” … something related to de-stressing. It’s a fun idea. Give it a try.

Now let’s move on to new patient marketing for 2016, because this too needs to stay top-of-mind all year long. I’ll start with a strange example of exactly how your newsletters keep your practice top-of-mind with prospects – if done right. During the holiday season my family plays the secret gift exchange. This year we found a holiday reading pre-edited to include the words “left” and “right” as a new way to share gifts (rather than taking turns and stealing!).


So that young and old could manage the furious left/right shuffle as the story was read aloud, all gifts were salt & pepper shakers. Once the story ended, everyone opened their gifts. We had the best time! But what is really amazing is that we all keep noticing more and more S&P shakers as we go about our days. We’ve gone eons without thinking about or noticing shakers, but because they’re top of mind, we keep seeing themeverywhere!

That’s how the mind works. For example, right now our fitness regimes or diets are in focus because of the New Year, but let’s see how we’re doing March 1st. We all know what happens … these priorities will no longer be “top of mind.” Being top-of-mind with patients and prospects is imperative. You need new patients be aware of you and your services, to get to know you, to like you, and to think of you first when they decide they have a need. You need existing patients to love their experience with you and to be reminded regularly of how great your service is so that they also think of you first when their next need arises or when they’re asked for a referral to a dentist by family or friends.

That’s the beauty of your newsletter campaigns.

Your newsletters keep your practice top-of-mind, plus they educate and initiate action. For best results, your new patient newsletter should arrive in households monthly. This keeps your name top-of-mind and makes your practice stand out from the crowd. This is critical for dentists, with more than half of your target audiences avoiding dentistry and in need of constant encouragement. Without constant reminders, patients don’t understand that not all dentists are the same.

Patients-of-record also need to feel appreciated outside of your practice. Mailing direct to patient homes every other month is key. It’s essential that you stay fresh in your patients’ and prospects’ minds on a regular basis. If you don’t, your practice won’t be top-of-mind and your competitors may grab market share that should be yours.

You need to make it easy for patients to do business with you.

Being there every month makes you a household name. It differentiates your practice from others and it makes it easy for patients to remember what you offer, why they should choose you, and why they should to reach out to you.

You need to educate.

The format of a newsletter with rich high-grade content establishes you as the expert in your area in the eyes of your primary healthcare decision makers – women. They want quality information to make good decisions for their families. This is one of the biggest reasons newsletters are proven to drive 70% more new patient calls than postcards.

Being top-of-mind isn’t rocket science. Nor is it a huge challenge for your practice when you rely on your Account Manager to take care of your campaigns, keeping them on target and on time. Connect with your Account Manager to ensure you have the right new patient marketing strategy in place now (using the correct combination of reach and frequency for your marketplace).

Okay. Now to finish…

#1. Pick your word for 2016.

#2. Watch for salt & pepper shakers.

#3. Boost your new patient marketing results!

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