Patients Want Great Service

And great teeth!

We have to face it, we’re marketing to two groups – people who do not want to visit the dentist and those that do but don’t have it prioritized. Much of this is dental image rollover from times past, but it’s a stickler that you’re constantly up against. It’s common to hear comments in the media like, “I want to do that as much as I want to go to the dentist.” Heck, I’ve even heard dentists themselves tell me that they’d rather not spend time in the chair!

So if we want to increase practice revenue and become more successful, there are a few things that must be covered:

  • Convenience
  • Hours
  • Insurance
  • Quality Presentation
  • and the number-one thing … CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Be the consumer. What would you like in a medical provider?

  • Pristine practice – No bugs in fixtures, entrance clean and clear, all patient areas fresh and odor free.
  • Bright teeth – Are you promoting great dentistry? Staff must have white teeth and fresh breath all day long.
  • Enthusiastic welcome – We’re in business because of our clients. Show appreciation, caring, and concern.

What about the rotten apple effect. Read your online reviews. Listen to what patients are saying. Listen to team members. Remember, one happy customer might tell two people, but one unhappy customer will tell 10 … multiply that by social media and watch out!

Have a concern? Run a patient survey. They’re relatively inexpensive and we can help compose the questions and prepare the analysis. The insights can be practice changing.

Check your online reviews. Got a few negative reviews at the top? They will definitely impact patients and prospects. Ask everyone on your team to call their family and friends and add a few positive reviews!  Bury the bad ones – but make sure you learn from them and make improvements at your practice.

And remember your primary decision makers – women. Approximately 60% of them are working, so build convenience into your game plan.

Are you in a great location with easy parking and walk-in access? Do you accept children? Do you attempt to always answer the phone with a live person and book a swift appointment time? Is there anything you can do to make access to your practice more convenient?

Do what it takes to be available when patients want you. If you’re not consistently offering early-morning, late-afternoon and Saturday appointments, it’s probably already hitting you in the pocketbook and you might not even realize it. Right around the corner there is probably a practice that’s available 24/7. This won’t just affect your new patient potential; you could be losing patients out the back door if your hours are not flexible.

Go the extra mile to really understand all of the insurance plans in your area and help patients to maximize their benefits. Do your best to help patients and they will show appreciation with their loyalty and referrals.

With consistently convenient service options, top-notch dentistry, and a kind caring experience, patients will choose your practice and stay with you longer. For more information about your biggest business challenge, call your Account Manager for a free consultation. We’ve worked with thousands of dentists just like you and would be happy to share our knowledge to help you have a more successful year.

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