Show Patients You Care – 4 Ways

Dental Marketing to Retain Patients

February is the month of love, reminding us to show those around us that we care … like our very important customers without whom we cannot live and grow. But we all get busy with our busy lives and can neglect our relationships, so February helps to remind us to refocus and do what we should be doing all year long.

Here are four 4 ways to go the extra mile for your patients:


  • Patient surveys are a great way to let patients know you care. When you ask for and take the time to listen to give feedback, you build and strengthen loyalty.  We just finished tabulating the results to our annual client survey – thank you to everyone who participated! We had a great response and we’ll be sharing all the insights in our next Quarterly Update subscriber newsletter.
  • Feedback forms are an easy-to-complete format for patients in the office. This is also a great way to capture a few new testimonials for your newsletter!


Give your loyal patients an incentive for special services. Everyone likes to feel like they are getting value for their money regardless of their financial success. Send a gift card their way. Dollars off an added service like teeth whitening or white fillings can help to get them started on the road to elective services, and you can encourage patients to share the incentive with family and friends.

  • Thank patients for referrals. I referred several patients to the orthodontist who did my teeth and my daughter’s. Not a word. Nadda. Nothing. Zero acknowledgement. He was really nice. Did a great job. But I don’t feel so very supportive any more. Always remember to say thank you in some way.
  • Did you know you can receive a $1,000 credit toward your program for referring a new client to PNP? We appreciate and welcome referrals. Tell your Account Manager if you have a colleague who might be interested.


Isn’t it just the right thing to do?  Women make 80% of all dental care decisions and they like to be informed. Sharing advice and helping to guide decision making will make you stand out from others that are simply promoting their services.

Your newsletter is the perfect way to share your expertise and provide patients with value which will trigger feelings of reciprocity. Your patients have lots of choice and other dentists are constantly marketing to them.


  • Use your newsletters, surveys, gifts, and other surprise & delights to thank patients. Be enthusiastic when they call and visit. Most will leave due to perceived indifference, so efforts like these will not go unnoticed.
  • According to Michael Abernathy, DDS, in his book The Super General Practice, you can make your practice really stand out and minimize cancellations by calling to welcome all new patients the day before their first visit.

If you haven’t read Abernathy/Super General Practice, I highly recommended it. It’s full of interesting and useful information including numbers you can compare against your own. For example, “You are either growing or you’re not.” Do you have 2 hygienists per doctor? If you have been in practice for more than 5 years and have not found the need to hire another hygienist, you have as many patients leaving as coming in. Internal marketing, including the 4 ways above, can have a big impact on attrition, as well as training and systems of course.

Patients have a lot of choice (including that vacation down south), so they want and expect more than good treatment. They want to know you care and that you appreciate the effort they take to patronize your practice.

At Patient News, your Account Managers (and our entire team) are unbelievably dedicated to ensuring that your marketing campaigns are the best of the best. We care about you and want you to achieve exactly what you desire, and we want your working experience with us to be phenomenal.  We appreciate you and thank you for choosing PNP.  Won’t you be our valentine?!

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