Spring Cleaning

...And maybe a fresh coat of paint

How clean do you think your patients think your office is?

My daughter recently had to have her wisdom teeth out. No worries, all went well and he tied the stiches tight so no wisdom leaked out.  Here’s what you need to hear about this visit.

Our dentist referred us to “Dr. Joe” (not his real name J).  He had great references and his team was really friendly and helpful setting up the appointment and organizing the insurance pre-estimate. When we arrived at his office, I had an immediate positive impression: the reception area had obviously been expertly designed with deep wood and modern leather seating. It had a warm ambiance and gave me confidence. Again, his team was really friendly and helpful.

We entered the treatment room and were left to watch a video about the procedure. First issue. The monitor and video were probably 20 years old. The assistant made a joke about it. They were nice. We watched the video.

The video ended and my daughter relaxed into the chair. We were left alone for a few minutes, so we did what every patient of yours does … we looked around the room. That’s when I started to notice the scuffs on the walls, the bits of dust around the edges, the little rust/dirt on the bottom of the intravenous trolley. Eww. Not what I wanted to see in the office where my daughter is about to have serious dental surgery.

Dr. Joe came in and he was awesome, super nice, knowledgeable, calm, answered all our questions, and really set us both at ease. I left with full confidence that all would be well. When I picked my daughter up after procedure, she was in their “recovery” room which was clearly also used as a catch all for discarded trolleys, blankets, and other miscellaneous items. Not a presentation that you should be sharing with clients.

Okay … treatment went as planned, her gums have healed beautifully, no infections – all is well. Dr. Joe did a great job. BUT … I want to tell him to BUY A CAN OF PAINT. Spend a couple hundred on updated trolleys. I can live with your old video and monitor, but not the run-down feeling. The difference these tiny maintenance issues would have made to our overall experience, and my recommendation to others seeking an oral surgeon, is incredible.

It’s time for us all to engage in a little spring cleaning. Take a good look around your practice. Scuff marks on your walls, floors looking dingy, furniture need a good polishing? Some inexpensive TLC will make the world of difference to your practice success.

Ever wonder why your case acceptance rates are a little lower than you’d like? Look at your practice from the patients’ perspective. When the last time you used your patient restroom  – is it clean from top to bottom? My mother in law used to say if a restaurant public bathroom wasn’t up to snuff, don’t imagine their private kitchen will be clean – don’t eat there!  What do you notice when you walk to your front door? Are your windows crystal clear? Any dead bugs in your lights? If your practice environment looks a little shoddy, that’s reflective of what patients will think of the quality of your dental work too. Ensure that your practice is PRISTINE.

A good paint job and spring cleaning makes us all feel great and it will set you up for a great summer season!

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