Think Your Practice Is Patient-Centric? Here’s Why You’re Probably Wrong

A recent Think with Google article confirmed that while “most brands think they’re customer-centric … there’s a good chance they’re wrong.”

Would you say your practice is “patient-centric”? It’s a buzzword certainly, and something I think we all want … but could your practice be missing the mark if that’s your philosophy, strategy, or vision statement?

“Hey,” you say, “isn’t every dental office patient focused by the nature of the beast?”

Yes, you are already doing many things that make your practice somewhat patient-centric:

  • Dedication to CE for all aspects from services to servicing
  • Respect of patient preferences and needs
  • Clear communication about treatment, services, and expectations
  • Commitment to patient education
  • Offer a comfortable and caring up-to-date environment
  • Latest technologies for effective diagnosis and patient comfort
  • Team training in the art of patient interaction, empathy, understanding, and enthusiasm
  • Convenience and availability of services.

You may have all or some of these things … but are you using them 100% effectively? Are they being implemented as effectively as they could be? Do patients understand the value you’re providing and what sets your practice apart?

One thing that you might be missing that the Google article indicated was that we place too much focus on our clients as a group or whole rather than identifying the value of each and creating servicing models and preferences to suit your highest-value customers.

Rather than being “patient-centric,” it’s time to get “patient-focused.”

Where are you getting the best results?

Does this concept seem uncomfortable to even consider when you care for all of your patients?

I’ve heard many a dental team-member say they don’t like to “sell” dentistry. They shy away from supporting marketing plans and don’t like to focus on “conversion” … so the idea of ranking your patients by value might also feel unpleasant – at first. Until you see the 80/20 – 20/80 rule in play.

For most of us, 20% of our client base will drive 80% of our revenue. And after all, you are a business owner and entrepreneur – if you’re interested in Patient News and my blog, you’re interested in increased production and profits.

Here’s the thing. It’s not that you won’t service your lower-value patients to the best of your ability. It’s just that they might get a different amount of attention or prioritization than your higher-value patients. In Practice ZEBRA™, you have access to your top patient reports and top NEW PATIENT reports.

Wouldn’t you love to know (and be able to act on) the following:

  • Does the patient who spent $28,000 with your practice have a scheduled appointment to come back? I’m looking at an actual client’s data right now and they DO NOT have that patient booked. In fact, when I dug into it, they had 40 patients with a value between $3500 and $30,000 NOT SCHEDULED! We’ll give them the heads up asap. Doesn’t this make you wonder about your practice?
  • Do you have all the contact information for each top patient? Without email and/or cell numbers, your monthly email newsletter, review request, and reminder programs WILL NOT REACH your BEST PATIENTS!
  • Do you know how much production the top 10% of your patients have given your practice? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to send them a “surprise & delight” gift for their patronage? Wouldn’t you like to be able to connect them to your practice so tightly that they refer their friends and family – who will be just like them – and who will also have the big bucks to increase your production?
  • Do you know the neighborhoods where your top patients reside so that you can target your new-patient marketing to attract more people from those areas?
  • Do you know which insurance companies those patients use, and whether you should up your promotion of those companies? You definitely want to have insurance data at your fingertips if you’re thinking about dropping any plan.

By knowing just who your top patients are and what they like about your practice, you can tailor your services and communications to get the right patients engaged with your practice and attract more patients just like them.

These patients should be getting your regular newsletters, they should be your biggest advocates, and getting your requests for reviews. They should be on your loyalty program and you should be coding them VIP when it comes to asking for referrals, providing appointment time preferences, and more.

Is your practice patient-centric? Maybe it’s time to look at the bigger picture and get “patient-focused” by getting more detailed reports on your patient base and tailoring your services and dental marketing programs to grow practice production.

Schedule a FREE Demo with Practice ZEBRA™ today. As our gift to you, we’ll provide you with a list of 50 of your highest- value patients who aren’t scheduled to come back, so you can get them re-connected to you.

P.S. We can also help you become more patient focused with dedicated retention, reactivation, and review campaigns. Ask your Dental Marketing Consultant and Account Success Manager to schedule a meeting to discuss your options to determine what the best strategies for your practice might be.

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