Top 3 Reasons Why You Must Not Ignore Business Intelligence

Do you know what your data says about your dental practice? Does it point to future prosperity … or does it foreshadow a calamity on the horizon?

Advanced business intelligence (BI) is the answer – and it’s an absolute must that it be part of your dental marketing mix.

Don’t take time away from serving your patients to try and sort through mounds of paperwork and spreadsheets anymore. Now you can instantly find out where your business stands and where it’s headed.

First … If you’re unfamiliar with business intelligence, let’s start there.

BI is what allows you to gain access to important and accurate insights into various aspects of your practice to make informed, data-driven business and marketing decisions.

What’s your story? Data from an intuitive dashboard will tell you what’s happening at your practice. At the click of a button, you get immediate insights that reveal how healthy or unhealthy things really are. At any given moment, BI can show you…

  • production metrics and trends
  • exact patient numbers (new, existing, lapsing, lost, if/when scheduled, top value, etc.)
  • phone call answer rates, call handling, conversion & associated revenue
  • marketing results and attributed ROI
  • digital analytics & performance (website analytics, social media, etc.)
  • … and so much more!

What’s incredibly powerful about this data is that when you connect the dots, it makes it possible for you to put together your practice’s narrative. And if the data is displayed in a clear sequence, then you and your team will spot the crucial connections between all the trends and metrics – it won’t be interpreted differently from person to person. The facts are the facts. Your multi-faceted story is transparent.

According to a recent whitepaper by Tableau Software, data visualizations (the visual representation of data) help to build your story. They extract trends and make them visible. For example, if you look at your call metrics data and see a sudden drop in new-patient conversion when your star receptionist took maternity leave, you are likely to conclude that her absence is directly related to the drop. And you can react quickly to get the temp further training to improve conversion skills.

By following the narrative of the data, “it’s much easier to understand what’s going on beneath the surface,” the whitepaper explains.

BI dashboards are effective at telling compelling stories. Here are the top 3 reasons why BI is the best way to monitor your dental marketing and dental practice results…

  1. Dental Marketing Reason #1 – Spot Trend Changes Early On
    Day-to-day, you can easily see if a small or dramatic change occurs at your practice. Your dashboard makes it possible to find out the cause. Having trouble scheduling patients for checkups? It could be because your team isn’t pre-scheduling the next appointment, there’s a lack of follow-up, or you need to strengthen your patient relationships with direct mail. Whatever the scenario, you can get to the bottom of it before time – and thousands of dollars in profits – pass you by.
  2. Dental Marketing Reason #2 – Enhance Practice Performance & The Patient Experience
    BI lets you identify areas you are excelling in and where improvement is necessary. At this moment, do you know how many of the calls coming into your office are answered live versus the number that end up in voicemail? Who on your team has the highest conversion success rate? Who needs training, or transferring to another role, or let go? How much money is your practice losing because of the calls that don’t result in an appointment? BI can give you the answers.
  3. Dental Marketing Reason #3 – Get The Facts On Your Dental Marketing Campaigns
    Prior to BI, it was difficult to prove return on investment (ROI) for dental practices. With an advanced BI dashboard, you can see exactly which campaigns (print and digital) are generating calls to your practice and how many of those calls your team is converting to appointments. At Patient News, phone call tracking is used to pinpoint how prospects are finding you. Each campaign has its own unique number so there’s no confusion over the call’s origin.

Are you ready to get the full story on your dental practice? I can assure you that once you do, it will motivate you to act with impact.

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More and more dentists are turning to BI to make better data-based decisions – and they are improving their overall practice situation – and some dramatically – because of it.

Do you want to be among them … or get left in their dust?

Act now and capture more of your market before the competition does.

Dentists who have committed to future practice success with BI are seeing results – fast. Here’s what a few very satisfied Patient News’ clients have to say about Practice ZEBRA™, the leading-edge dental marketing software solution…


Dental Marketing Testimonials

“Practice ZEBRA™ is amazing. With this dashboard, you know everything that’s going on with your practice marketing, and way more than you even have time to look at. It’s incredible. I have worked with a lot of companies that didn’t even have 10% of the stats Patient News gives you.” – Dr. Michael Rodriguez, Boynton Beach

“Practice ZEBRA™ has helped us … stay focused on objectives.” 
– Dr. Steve Sokolovskiy, New York

“Practice ZEBRA™ gives great visibility. For example, it helped us identify the type of calls that weren’t being converted so that Patient News could assist with call scripts.” – Dr. Afshin Azimi, Las Vegas

Don’t wait another second … to find out if your story will have a happy ending … or not.

We can help you spot signs of trouble before it’s too late. You’ll get clear visibility of your metrics plus (and this is worth its weight in gold) an Account Success Manager who will get you up and running and be there with you every step of the way. As an expert, they will help you understand what to do to improve production and profit immediately.

Don’t let another second pass by!

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