Top Challenges For Today’s Dentist

And how to overcome them

Keeping pace with the changes and nuances of dental marketing is tough, and data shows that many dentists struggle with similar challenges…

  • Are you challenged to differentiate your practice from others in your area?
  • Does your frontline team have the right training to answer and convert at top levels?
  • Are you experiencing slow attrition of existing patients?
  • Is attracting new patients getting harder and harder?
  • Are you getting new patients at the pace you require?

Are any of these bothersome to you? Our team can help.

Today, more than ever, effective dental marketing requires engaging in conversation and starting a relationship. Consumer expectations are high. They want convenience, they want service, they want the best for themselves and their families, and they want it all at the tip of their fingers. And they don’t necessarily want a trip to the dental office!

Attracting new patients is hard. It is getting harder and harder. People have too many distractions and other priorities. You need a way to stand out and get noticed by the people who live in your market area.

We have more and more dental offices calling us for a solution to a problem they waited too long to address. I can tell you right now, if you don’t have a steady flow of new patients (i.e. new patients should represent 30% of your active patient base), you’re probably already in decline and don’t even know it.

How will you reach the right consumers at the right time in a way that will resonate and motivate them to contact your office?

Having a proactive commitment to your target audience – to owning your backyard – is the only way to stay visible, build practice awareness, and keep that flow of new patients pumping.

Direct mail for dentists is the only way to reach 100% of your target households, and having a great dental website is imperative for top online conversion.

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What gets measured gets results… Another thing we see is the lack of visibility of key practice metrics.

Many frontline teams do a great job of converting new patient calls into appointments, but don’t have the resources (or understand the priority) to answer 90% of calls live. New patient calls lost to voicemail represent thousands of lost revenue to your practice. Compound that over the lifetime value of each new-patient call missed – it’s a lot.

Another measurement that is really surprising to me is the number of offices that aren’t scheduling their patients – both existing and new – for a repeat appointment. If your practice has 50% of your patients scheduled for another visit, that means you have 50% of patients NOT ATTACHED TO YOUR PRACTICE! Compound that by reliance on an email reminder service when you only have 50% of your patient emails, then you’re in for a big surprise … all of a sudden, you’ll be wondering why monthly production is down.

If you’re struggling with any of these challenges, or wonder what your metrics really look like, give our team a call.

Our first step is a Discovery Session. (We call it “Disco” for short and sometimes we dance, and you just might once you see what we can do for you!)

Joking aside, please take advantage of this free session, talk to one of our experts, and share your challenges. We truly understand them and we can help you overcome them.

Thanks for reading! Have a STAND OUT day!

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