Trends, Impacts, & How To Market Dentistry

You just can’t beat personal interaction … a phone call always beats an email for information sharing and relationship building and in my world. And because I’m mostly attached to clients through phone and email, the opportunity for face-to-face hellos at dental events is awesome, and this year’s ADA in New Orleans was no exception. (That's me with Dr. Johnn Griffith in the pic!) Karen and I will be at the Greater New York meeting this month, so if you’ll be there, do plan on visiting us at booth 3515. We’re still on our 20th Anniversary celebration tour which means a red velvet cupcake for you!

 At the ADA I had the privilege of seeing part of the keynote address by President Bill Clinton. From my seat, he was the size of my thumb, but it was exciting to actually be in the same room with him! It was Halloween and Clinton opened with his usual humor… “This day does more for your business than any other!”   His focus was on his foundation and charitable works … and he did say a few things that resonated in terms of marketing too:

  • Watch for headlines vs trend lines
  • Don’t underestimate the collective impact you can have
  • Whatever you’re going to do, it’s how you do it that will turn good intention into real change. It doesn’t matter how much money you’re going to spend on something … unless key factors are in play

Watch the trend lines. Doesn’t it seem that everyone’s all atwitter about social media and digital marketing … isn’t everyone feeling the pressure to “be there”? Yet the facts prove that the only way to consistently reach 100% of your target audience is by direct mail. Oh don’t get me wrong, we have awesome content for Facebook, email, and the web because they play a role, but direct mail remains number one. Google and Facebook both have very healthy direct mail programs!

Collective impact. We all know that marketing dentistry takes time. We have a tough reputation to crack. Even today, more than 50% of the population avoids dental visits for one reason or other … unfounded fears from the past, a single bad experience, lack of education, prioritization, time availability, cost, convenience. But what does work is consistency and repetition – the collective impact of a well-integrated marketing plan.

It’s How You Do It. When it comes to effective marketing its imperative to control the variables you can. Understanding your target and developing an offer and creative strategy that will resonate are all aspects that can be controlled to improve reasonably anticipated result. Vary on any aspect and results can be adversely affected.

As always, your Account Manager is available to discuss any aspect of your marketing goals, and to provide you with our advice to help you become more successful. Each week we review success stories and challenging ones at our morning huddles, so bring your question forward and find out how other dentists like you are handling and overcoming the same issues. We’re your champion! Take advantage of our 20years of experience. And I hope to see you in New York at Thanksgiving!

P.S. Do you have your plan all lined up for patient acquisition and retention into 2014? If not, ask for a free consultation appointment to discuss your goals and how we can help you achieve them.

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