Your Patient Newsletter Sets Your Dental Practice Apart

In the most competitive market ever, we must stand out in order to retain existing customers. According to ADA average, one patient is valued at $653 per year. This makes it pretty valuable to retain as many patients as you can and to encourage those patients to refer. Retention requires exceptionally friendly service and relationship building through multiple impressions per year and regular quality communications.

The good news is most of you are on it! Your patient newsletter is one of the most reliable ways to influence, build, and strengthen the relationships you’ve worked so hard to establish with your patients. The question is, are you on it frequently enough?

Our most effective patient of record campaigns include at least four, if not six (that’s every other month), print newsletters. And this can be supplemented by a monthly or bimonthly email newsletter. Your print or email patient newsletters are entirely different from your reminder programs and have a much bigger overall impact on your practice revenue now and into the future.

Patient mailboxes are the most overlooked marketing opportunity out there. Since most of your competitors are probably sending nothing more than a postcard promotion or static mailer, your patient newsletter, mailed at least four to six times per year, is your clear opportunity to stand out and ensure that you retain YOUR patients.

Ever think of how much revenue you lose if you attrite just 12 patients? Per the ADA average, that would be over $60,000 in lifetime value PLUS referrals. Saving just a dozen patients from lapsing will provide you with a HUGE return on investment, so imagine if you can make an even bigger impact on your attrition. Keeping your patient newsletter on schedule is easy when you rely on your Account Manager … give them a call to discuss your next issue. Here are a few ideas to toss around:

  • Insurance changes … helping patients with insurance is key to more dental visits. Right now we are including content about using benefits before end of calendar year.
  • New technologies ...share the great benefits your technology provides, fewer visits for treatment, less pain, white fillings, better looking teeth, and back-to-school mouthguards.
  • New and improved hours … struggling on hygiene, holes in your schedule? Add an early morning or two, add an evening or Saturday. Patients want convenience.
  • Referral promotion … offer a fun big-ticket item like a flat screen TV and you could generate 2-6 new patients! Insert a reminder care-to-share card to get patients talking.

Patient education in a quality presentation makes a big difference. 
The fact is patients aren’t thinking of you when they’re not in your office. They’re not discussing how crowns could improve their life, they aren’t talking to sales reps about the latest in teeth whitening … but they are probably getting promotions from your competitors. And it’s easy to click delete on that email reminder.

Your newsletter will ensure that your practice stands out from the postcard crowd and stays top of mind. It’s just more difficult emotionally to throw away something of value, so your patient newsletter gets shelf life in patients’ homes. It will be seen by multiple people. Ultimately your beautiful patient newsletter, which seems like such a simple item, builds awareness, strengthens your reputation and ensures your practice continues to grow.

Remember, more than 80% of patients enjoy receiving and reading their dentists’ patient newsletter. Your Account Manager works with hundreds of other dental offices and has access to tons of great ideas and content. Let us know what your latest challenges are or what you just wish patients could know about what makes your practice special. 

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