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Dental marketing that drives profits for my dental office

If You’re Not Growing…

The goal of just about every dentist we work with is to grow their dental practice revenues and profits. Unfortunately, there isn’t a quick fix pill to grow our businesses, and while vision boards may be motivating and encouraging – they’re not the secret. Dental office profit planning requires a solid understanding of your numbers and how they...
Are Your Best Dental Lead Sources Revealing The REAL truth?

Are Your Best Lead Sources Revealing The REAL truth?

At Patient News, we provide Call Tracking and Scoring services for all marketing mediums. That includes online (the web, PPC, social) and offline (direct mail, billboard, display ads). Where this becomes interesting is the attribution of leads.  Incoming calls from a lead source have to be the definitive measurement – or are they?
Dentist location map - which of these dental practices will grow this year?

A Dental Practice In Your Area Is Going To Grow!

Dental marketing is a real challenge. There is patient fear, cost concerns, and mistrust, not to mention dental competitors and corporate expansion popping up all over your practice neighborhood. Be the practice that grows. Start with a deep dive demographic analysis. Read on to find out more. 
Creating A Dental Newsletter That Will Trigger Response

Creating A Dental Newsletter That Will Trigger Response

Content Development Since a dental patient newsletter is one of the most powerful branding tools available to a dental practice, it’s essential to create content that will reflect positively on the dentist’s brand to help build and strengthen trust while getting consumers attention.
Boss handing document to employee

How to Be a Great Boss

Good employees, with low turnover and high morale, are your most valuable asset. They are what differentiate you from competitors and keeping them is not only your job, but also one of your main priorities.