A dentist standing among his staff.

As a dentist, the way you build your practice into an industry-leading organization is through effective marketing and superior customer service. While many professionals may feel that the two practices are entirely different, they both work toward the same goals, and you can use your dental marketing efforts to improve your customer service.

When your patients-of-record feel appreciated by your entire staff, they are more likely to remain loyal to your services. Therefore, you need to take a firm stance on customer engagement, and direct mail may be the easy solution. Your dental advertising materials can continue to build rapport with your patients, and when you send content incrementally, you help keep your name in the minds of your customers. This is a key part of patient retention, as failing to educate and interact with your customers may encourage them to look elsewhere for personal dental care.

By creating personal relationships with your clients and offering valuable services to your patients-of-record, you work to create a memorable environment, which may drive retention rates through the roof. Today, the best way to initiate acquisition and retention marketing is by providing a unique and very positive opportunity for the business to put focus on the patient. When you take the time to deliver high-quality mailings to your patients-of-record, you cultivate a culture of caring in your practice, as the advice you offer can actually change their lives. Many dentists have recently reported declining revenues, but only a few plan to combat the issue, which puts you in a unique position to make a significant impact in the marketplace.

While direct mail should be the basis of your outreach program, you shouldn't use bland marketing techniques. It's essential for you to use articles that have proven their ability to influence patients into scheduling future appointments and remaining loyal to your practice. Patient newsletters are ideal articles to use to market your business, as these mailings can include a variety of content types that resonate with your intended target audience. These mailings can include articles on recent events in the dental sphere, guides on how to improve oral health and promote unique offerings in the practice such as new products, services or incentives.

When you use patient newsletters to promote the best qualities of your business, you are able to put yourself in a position to expand exponentially. With many dentists struggling to find appropriate ways to retain their patients, you can use printed materials to further solidify your authority in the field. Patient newsletters are written with engaging language, use compelling headlines and eye-catching calls to action, all of which drive readers to react to what is being communicated. Oftentimes, their response directly influences your revenue streams.

However, even with quality patient newsletters, you might want to support your outreach practices with supplementary content. In most instances, you need to solidify your branding with other mailings like dental brochures or email marketing tactics. A concurrent approach to patient retention requires an extensive line of educational and entertaining resources.

When you begin to plan your patient retention efforts, make sure you have a clear idea of what works and what doesn't work in today's competitive marketplace. While you may want to reach out to your patients on emerging digital platforms, those systems may not be the best frontier to use when building rapport with patients-of-record. In fact, if you want to leave long-lasting impressions, use print to keep your name in front of your customers.