Woman wearing bright shirts smiling and laughing.

In the dental sphere, the bulk of your marketing materials will be tailored to resonate with the female heads of households. The benefit of adjusting tone of voice and language to speak to these prospective patients directly is that they make the majority of the oral health care decisions in the average home. Therefore, if your dental marketing materials appeal to these consumers and provide them with services they feel comfortable with, these women are more likely to schedule appointments for themselves and the rest of their family members. This is key, direct mail sent to a single home has the potential to generate several new customers, which makes print dental advertising campaigns more cost effective and useful in today's economically strapped marketplace.

As a dentist, you want to make sure the first impression you leave of your practice serves to develop a long-lasting relationship with prospective patients. Dental brochures are effective in starting a conversation with recipients, as the mailings feature stunning graphics and compelling calls to action. These mailings are simple to use and are a proven way to target your message and bring in new patients. Additionally, these mailings are cost effective and can help cut down the time you spend advertising your practice.

What's more, when you create conversation with dental brochures and support your branding with customized dental postcards, patient newsletters and email marketing tactics, your response rates will increase up to 44 percent over traditional marketing methods. This can help you acquire a loyal customer base without having to invest significant amounts of time or resources in dental advertising. A clearly defined strategy and well-designed approach can improve returns on your investment and speed up turnaround time.

With digital technology cluttering the marketplace and bombarding consumers with promotional news, it's important that you find ways to cut through this traffic and speak directly to your valued leads. Direct mail has a 100 percent reach, and is sent to the homes of prospective patients, where recipients can engage with the content on their own time. This builds rapport, as this minimally invasive approach shows that you care, and your prospects will certainly appreciate the personable method of marketing you chose to implement. When it comes to driving traffic through the front door of your dental practice, use the methodology that is proven to work and create long-lasting relationships - direct mail.