Mother and daughter with braces.

It is important that you take a firm stance on patient retention. If your customers begin to feel unappreciated, they may decide to switch to a competing practice, and your patients-of-record will dwindle exponentially. Fortunately, you can launch a patient retention campaign geared toward these people, and using dental marketing strategies you can retain business concurrent to your acquisition efforts.

One of the main reasons patients decide to switch oral health care providers is perceived indifference from their dentists. This is something you can rectify rather quickly, and direct mail can help you remain in the minds of your patients. In fact, direct mail has a 100 percent reach compared to 21 percent click through via email, so if you want to build stronger patient loyalty and increase patient lifetime value, you need to take advantage of direct mail options like patient newsletters and dental brochures.

Additionally, consumer studies of clients of Patient News indicate that 85 percent of patients enjoy receiving and reading the patient newsletters they get from their dentists. This is essential in increasing patient satisfaction and creating a forum for educating patients on new products and services. Whether patient retention efforts are being implemented to prevent any more patients from leaving your practice or as a second layer of educational information to boost engagement practices, you need to make sure the efforts you employ are proven to succeed.

Direct mail has been found to generate deeper emotional responses to marketing, which makes it an invaluable practice to use in today's noisy marketplace. The reason that print media remains relevant in today's digital era is because the brain sees physical materials as more real and, in turn, pays more attention to the content on the mailing.  What's more, recipients are more introspective when they engage with printed materials. This is because people have an inherent desire to understand the messages they receive, and you and your marketing team can take advantage of this by developing superior outreach programs.

As a dentist operating in an evolving professional world, you need to utilize solutions that have proven to produce lucrative returns. Direct mail is an effective way to leverage your products, services and brand, and when you take an active approach to building engaging campaigns, you position yourself for future success.