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The main objective of your dental marketing campaign should be to appeal to higher quality patients. While attracting any patient helps increase profit margins, you should seek to create a stable business environment, where your patients-of-record understand lifetime value and actively work toward greater oral health.

In order to develop rapport with your patients-of-record, you need to convey the benefits of your practice. Your procedures and services often speak for themselves, but when you take that extra step to improve the relationships you have with your current patients, they will schedule appointments at your practice time and time again.

Patient retention can be achieved in a variety of ways and through various channels. However, a multi-tiered approach to patient engagement is the most sustainable way to reach your goals. The fact is that people rely on several media avenues to research products and services. When you leverage your services across print and digital media outlets, you put yourself in a better position to reach your intended target audience.

Therefore, make sure your retention strategies include concepts that spread your branding across popular social media networks and print articles, and follow up with regular emails. A developed retention strategy can increase patient referrals, build stronger patient loyalty, grow patient lifetime value and reach 100 percent of patients through print channels.

Marketing has the potential to turn your dental practice into a recognizable brand in your area. Building a brand image and supporting it with various promotional pieces can help create a certain perception of your oral health care service, and materials also get your name out there to the public. It may seem far-fetched, but when community members schedule appointments at your practice, benefit from the services you provide and talk with their friends and family about your business, you build trust with those happy patients and have the potential to attract additional customers.

As a dentist, it's time for you to think about the tricks and techniques you can use to appeal to a wider audience. While operating at the same capacity helps you remain in business, you'll eventually want to expand your services and grow your practice as much as possible. Marketing is the cornerstone to patient retention, and a well-defined strategy can help your team communicate with your patients-of-record effectively. New opportunities are just around the corner for your practice - you just have to go out and find them.