Do Your Dental Brochures Do You Justice?


Get potential patients to notice you and remember you

A great dental brochure represents YOU. It’s just as important as the atmosphere of your practice and all the friendly faces that greet new patients when they walk in the door.

But far too often, the value of dental brochures is undervalued.

We’ve seen some scary stuff … from old sun-bleached pamphlets tucked away in the corner … to images and verbiage that would make any patient cringe and turn away. 

Let’s talk about the perfect dental brochures for your practice and why they’re important. And if your dental brochures are outdated or you don’t have any, you’ll definitely want to reconsider.

1. Form A Stronger Connection With Your Patients & With New Patients

Your brochure must reflect what sets you apart from your competition – your distinct competitive advantages. Think about why a patient should come to you – and broadcast it. Include your philosophies and practice style, and any policies of which patients should be aware. Also include a comprehensive list of services so you won’t risk patients – current and new – turning to another dentist who offers what they’re looking for and what they don’t know you offer. That kind of missed revenue can really add up. Don’t give it away.

2. The Key Ingredients Of Bang-On Dental Brochures

  • Who is your ideal patient? I’m sure you want more like them. (Not sure who they are? Ask one of our marketing experts for a Discovery Session!) Ensure your brochure resonates with them and people like them.
  • What about the design of dental brochures? If your practice neighborhood is predominantly young, sophisticated professionals, a more-modern look might be the way to go. If you serve mainly families, a more-traditional approach may be preferred. In any scenario, ensure the photos you include mirror your target audience and don’t include pictures of any dental technology, no matter how amazing or unique it is. Photos must inspire an emotional response. And remember … women make 92% of health care decisions for their families – keep this in mind when choosing colors that trigger a gut reaction. Blue is the favorite colour for both men and women. This is followed by green for men, and purple for women. Women’s least favorite colors include: orange, brown, grey, and yellow.
  • Your style and services. Put your practice in the best light with professionally written copy, high-quality photographs, and aesthetically pleasing design. Each practice has its own unique voice, brand, and areas of expertise. You want to capture these must-have elements – so patients pick up and keep your dental brochures … and call your practice first! If your logo is well designed, use it. If you need a refresh (is it dated and was it designed years ago?), Patient NEWS can rework it for you to modernize it. It’s important to get your brand out there!

3. Pound The Pavement – Hand Out Your Brochure!

Your practice isn’t the only place to distribute your dental brochures. Here are a few handy ways of getting the most bang for your buck…

  • If you volunteer at your child’s school, give them to parents to read at home or to pass to friends and family who might be looking for the perfect dental practice.
  • Share them at community events.
  • Sponsor an event in your neighborhood and distribute your brochures.
  • Hold a referral contest and hand one to every patient when they complete their appointment … and verbally ask for referrals.
  • Have your team give them to their friends and family. Incentivize them when they become your patient.
  • Include it in your local Welcome Wagon gift bags.
  • Take the reciprocation advantage. Ask a neighboring business to display your brochures & you can do the same for them.

Need to update your Dental Brochure? Don’t Have One? At Patient NEWS, we’ll work with you to create a dental office brochure that sets you apart the dental authority in your neighborhood – the dental expert patients want to turn to and who will call your practice.

Contact us now for a free no-obligation consultation. With more than 25 years experience helping thousands of dentists with their marketing solutions, we know how to help you Stand Out & Grow!

BONUS: If you currently subscribe to our direct mail services, we will use the results of your demographic analysis to enhance your brochure. Just ask your account manager for details!