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Direct marketing is essential for dentists who want to provide their loyal patients with the information they need to keep abreast of the latest trends in dental health care. However, it's important to make sure outreach efforts aren't limited to a single medium. Instead, marketers today need to ensure their efforts reach current patients at home while they read their mail and when they're on the go using email.

In today's technologically advanced world, a majority of consumers already have smartphones, giving them access to their emails no matter their geographic location. Dentists can leverage this consumer trend by sending them timely messages that cover the latest developments in dental care, as well as offering recipients benefit-oriented content that can educate them on ways to improve their own oral health. Email is convenient for users, as it can help people keep abreast of information that pertains to them while they commute, wait in lines or even while they're in the lobby of their dentist's office.

Email marketing helps inform patients
In a recent infographic by Return Path entitled "Email in Motion: Mobile is Leading the Email Revolution," email views on mobile devices increased 82.4 percent year-over-year between March 2011 and March 2012. In addition, 88 percent of people check their email via mobile devices daily, giving professionals new opportunities to leverage and market their services. Dentists who use email marketing tactics can significantly increase patient loyalty.

Email and direct mail are a winning team
Email plays a pivotal role in marketing today, but it's important for dentists to use direct mail and reach out to patients. A mixed-media approach to customer outreach can be a winning combination, as marketers have two media platforms in their favor. When messages are communicated across multiple outlets, patients are less likely to feel overwhelmed by the amount of content sent their way. What's more, email and direct mail content can reflect and support each other, so both outreach programs can take advantage of available resources.

When it comes to patient acquisition and retention, dentists need targeted comprehensive marketing programs to keep patients informed. Email and direct mail are the easy solutions - each is an affordable method that builds critical rapport with patients.