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Email marketing can support patient retention

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In your effort to retain your patients-of-record, you might find yourself conceptualizing direct dental marketing campaigns geared toward educating your loyal customers. It's important to remain engaged in client retention, as indifference in your marketing can lead your patients to schedule their next appointments at other local dental practices.

While you want to base your retention campaigns around patient newsletters, which generate a 100 percent reach and an 85 percent readership rate, you need to implement supportive tactics to keep your name in front of patients constantly. The best way to support your stellar direct dental advertising solutions is through email marketing.

The internet is an evolving marketplace, and when you use creative email newsletters to reach your patients-of-record in new ways, you will continue to build rapport with your loyal clients. Email can help maximize the patient experience and deepen the professional relationship you have with your customer base. When your patients-of-record receive regular patient newsletters in their physical mailboxes, and you support your promotions through email marketing, you are building trust and credibility in an increasingly competitive business sector.

It's important for you to allocate the bulk of your time on marketing practices that generate higher response rates. However, there is value in marketing on multiple channels. These types of campaigns can ensure that you connect with your patients-of-record in a variety ways, so when it comes time for them to make their next oral health care appointments, you're their immediate first choice.

Unique email newsletters have a 25 percent reach, which can greatly support your direct mail campaigns. In effect, an integrated retention solution can create a reputation for your practice as the ideal choice in the neighborhood.

With the marketplace a noisy and cluttered space, you need to spend your time developing marketing campaigns that resonate with your intended target audience. A combination of print and email can go a long way in creating a unique dental brand that speaks to the needs of your patients-of-record and communicates through outlets that are convenient and personable. When you take the time to create such a thorough retention campaign, you will find that your clients have come to expect and cherish the content you send them incrementally. To keep retention rates high, you need to be active and engage with your clientele. Otherwise, there's not much keeping them tied down.