Dentist holding up a sign that reads "wellness."

Driving more traffic through your front door is often easier said than done. As a dentist, you understand the importance of patient acquisition, and while you provide your customers with superior oral health care, you don't always know the best avenue for marketing and branding your business. However, dental marketing is an extremely important aspect of running your own practice, as it conveys your competitive advantage and can attract a high volume of potential patients to your business.

When you target your ideal prospective patients with high-quality educational direct mail, you will build and strengthen patient relationships, establish yourself as the expert in your field and attract more patients to your business. You want to speak to a female audience because research and data analysis conducted by Patient News shows that women make 80 percent of all healthcare decisions, so a campaign that targets those decision makers in a specific area is often successful. In fact, when you can identify the households worth marketing your services toward, you can tailor the materials even further by crafting them to appeal to women.

Patient News can help protect your unique competitive advantage
Now that you know women make the bulk of oral health care decisions for their families, you also can create a Neighborhood New Patient program with Patient News and separate your brand from the competition. One of the biggest flaws of traditional advertising is that if you find a quality technique that converts leads to sales, other marketers will rob you of your advantage and vie for the same people. However, when you partner with Patient News, your competitive advantage is preserved and guaranteed only to you. The Neighborhood New Patient program you establish with Patient News grants you exclusive rights to the territory you specify, and each material you release is branded to your practice and highlights your unique services.

Step one in patient acquisition includes neighborhood newsletters
Patient acquisition drives traffic through your front door, but you don't want just any customer - you want quality patients. When people with a proven ability to pay for your services and the financial stability to come back time and time again make appointments at your practice, you are able to communicate lifetime value and retain their loyalty for years. Attracting these types of patients should be the objective of every oral health care provider, as it helps build a practice into a thriving business.

When you use patient newsletters to engage with higher-quality patients, you attract people who need your services, build awareness of your practice and what you offer, promote your business as the authoritative choice in the region and increase the quality of appointments. Without patient newsletters, patient acquisition is much harder to correctly conduct.

Step two requires training, tracking and scoring
After you've left a good first impression on potential customers and they're ready to call, you want to ensure that your front desk team is trained to handle those inbound calls. As part of your neighborhood newsletter programs with Patient News, you'll receive call tracking - we monitor the call results from each campaign, plus phone power telephone training so your team is ready plus we listen to every call and score the results.This means you can easily respond to training needs and improve your conversion rates and ultimately, your overall marketing results.

Patient News can help establish your practice as the leading oral health care provider in the area, and your marketing materials will communicate what makes your business unique. Instead of relying on traditional advertising channels, consider proven methods that work to build your practice into a thriving company through calculated marketing techniques.