Many aspects of running a small business and marketing your services boil down to the basic economic principle of supply and demand. If something is in great demand, there will be a limited supply of it. Conversely, if something is in great supply, there might be less demand for it, especially if consumers know they can acquire the product or service whenever they want. Therefore, the trick for dental practice marketing is to promote an exclusive supply of a great product or service in order to drive up demand and set the whole cycle in motion in favor of the practice.

One trick to doing so is to highlight the exclusivity of a given deal. Telling patients that they can claim a significant discount on a dental procedure if they act quickly is a great way to light a fire under them. Here are some tips on how to effectively highlight special brand offers at your dental practice.

Organically turn an offer into a brand aspect
Let it be known that increased demand is an inherent and important aspect of your dental practice. After all, consumers typically function in a herd mentality - popular products will become even more popular once consumers find out how popular they are. Promote the fact that your services are the most popular in a given area or within the industry and patients will come flocking in. Similarly, the promotion of exclusive offers lets your demographic base know that there is a significant demand for that offer. Soon thereafter, the special offer will become associated with your practice, lending it a powerful marketing tool. 

Highlight the offer
One great benefit to promoting these kinds of offers is that the deals organically push patients to act with greater urgency. To create this sense of urgency, be sure to highlight the exclusivity of the offer, such as how your practice is the only one within a 50-mile radius to offer these great services, at exceptional prices and with tremendous customer relations to boot. Promote the excellence of the offer as much as possible.

Use strong language
Using strong and persuasive language helps heighten the sense of urgency among potential patients. Phrases such as "Sign up now" or "Make your appointment today" are strong calls to action that emphasize the value of the offer. Telling a potential patient to "call today" in as many words will make him or her that much more likely to listen to you and do so.