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How To Boost The Power Of Online Reviews


Managing your online reputation to ensure your reviews drive patients to your dental website

1. Use existing happy patients for positive reviews

Use private notes and emails from happy customers to prompt positive online reviews. You can’t post it yourself, but you can respond to their note or email by thanking them and requesting they leave an online review.

Your loyal patients are your best source of referrals.

They already like sharing how great your team is or how efficiently you were able to give them the smile of their dreams – they just sent you a note saying so. They would be happy to help you in return by leaving a positive review.

2. Ask your patients to write an online review

Your existing loyal patients are your greatest asset when dealing with a negative online review. Use your patient newsletter to ask your patients to leave an online review.

Asking for reviews may seem pushy, but for many people, all it takes is a little nudge. They already refer their friends, family, and colleagues to your dental practice, and they’d be happy to give you a review too.

In fact, when businesses ask for reviews, 68% of consumers happily comply.

Social media, and especially Facebook, has the power to bring you even more reviews, both on and off the platform. Ask your followers to leave a review on Facebook or your other listing sites. And share your reviews on the other platforms. This gives you two advantages. It increases visibility of reviews and gives your patients the chance to review you in other areas they may not know exits.

3. Review other dental professionals


You collaborate with other dental professionals regularly and, like you, they work hard to provide a calm, relaxing, and comfortable experience for their patients.

A positive review on your dental partner’s business page goes a long way to letting them know that you appreciate the care they give your patients or the referrals they give you. By reviewing them, you can often prompt a reciprocal review on your dental website. If other dental professionals review you, do the same for them.

4. Use your dental website

On your dental website, add a link to your chosen review site to drive patients exactly where you want them to go. Link directly to the review page, not the home page.

To make it even easier for patients to leave you a review, add a review page that automatically pushes reviews to sites like Google and Facebook. This helps you stay on top of reviews as they happen.

As you know by educating your patients about their oral health, the more information you give people, the more likely they are to respond favorably.

5. Bury the negative with the positive

Positive reviews act like an eraser by pushing negative reviews down the list and keeping your star rating high.

Most of us realize that nobody can please all the people all the time. What’s important is that you please most of them. People are less likely to pay attention to a negative review when they see you have so many positive ones.

Family, staff, and patients who know your dedication to their comfort and care can help your star rating by leaving positive reviews.

A star rating increase on sites like Yelp or Google can result in a 5-10% increase in revenue. Who doesn’t want that?

6. Get reviews on multiple review sites

Use multiple avenues for reviews – some people swear by Yelp, others by Angie’s List. Just make sure one of them is Google. Google’s location reviews have a twofold effect: more positive reviews drive up your star rating and move negative reviews down.

7. BONUS! Critic reviews!

If your practice is featured in a magazine or newspaper in an unpaid editorial or article, include these snippets in your Knowledge Graph card on the right side of search results (at the top in mobile). Google has easy-to-follow instructions to help you.

Because we know that a one-star bump in your online ratings represents a possible 5-10% increase in revenue, managing your reputation is one of the most important aspects of your online presence.

I would be happy to offer you a FREE dental website audit to identify strengths and weaknesses … and help you boost the power of your reviews! Call Patient NEWS today!