In the cluttered marketplace, businesses have minimal time to grab the attention of prospective customers and retain their interest long enough to communicate a sales pitch. Therefore, business owners need to carefully consider how marketing materials and brand image can increase engagement rates and pique interest among a wide demographic.

It's hard to deny that consumers prefer to engage with visual content over text-based media. The internet has exploited this phenomenon even further, as multimedia websites and social networks make it easier than ever to exist online, share information and purchase necessary materials.

In the dental sphere, visual engagement is also essential to consider in dental advertising. Having a logo that adapts easily to online media and print content can help increase brand awareness, and when an oral health care practice becomes a business that every resident in a neighborhood recognizes, patient-of-record rates will go up along with profit margins. While it might be easier to focus on patient acquisition by deploying direct dentistry marketing content, it's also important to develop a logo that complements the practice.

A logo symbolizes what a company stands for, as well as the type of organization it wants to become. An innovative design can convey a creative and free-spirited business, similar to how a straight-laced image can reflect that of a more traditional company. Either way, without a logo to complement promotional and sales efforts, it's harder for consumers to remember what brand offered what product or service. Therefore, dentists who may not have put any effort into cultivating a unique image to represent his or her practice in the past might want to look at how a logo can play a big part in increasing awareness and ROI in the future.

Patient NEWS can help clients accurately reflect their practice style with positive new logos. When a dentist works with Patient NEWS, it creates instant awareness on all marketing pieces, improves practice valuation and requires a minimal investment for award-winning products. Through the partnership, an oral health care practice owner can revamp the image of his or her business, and position the brand in a new position of strength. In fact, when patient acquisition is the main objective for the new quarter, it's time to funnel as many resources toward brand building as the sales cycle.