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It's a no brainer - treat people well and they will feel good about their interactions with you. Treat them with indifference (not even poorly) and "meh", why stay loyal to that business? 

Dental practices in particular have struggled to find ways to strengthen client loyalty. In a dental office it’s often the simple concepts that will be most influential to the success of the practice. When profits are measured by the number of patients coming in and coming back, it’s critical to focus on the customer service experience. Crisp, vibrant newsletters that share great information will help residents looking for a dental practice understand what a particular practice has to offer. Patient newsletters offer the real estate to expand on a practice’s value proposition and help to begin building relationships. 

Newsletters are the best way to display the services a practice offers in a way that's bound to grab the recipient's attention. This is just the first step. Then, carefully consider the continuation of that brand messaging and value proposition as the patient begins to get engaged with the practice. Is the person answering the telephone enthusiastic and passionate about dentistry. Do they fully understand the practice services and the corresponding marketing messaging in the marketplace?

In addition to sending dental newsletters to earn new appointments, dentists can use referral cards that encourage current patients to recommend a practice's services to others. They can offer promotions to family and friends, and after these people schedule, the original patient could receive a discount on his or her next service or be awarded a free whitening or cosmetic oral procedure.

When it comes to marketing in the world of dentistry, doctors need to find ways to differentiate services from competitors. Engaging with patients is a great way to start, as building rapport will entice them into returning to the practice in the future. When patients find value out of regular appointments, they'll refer the practice to their loved ones and returns will increase organically. The key to higher profits in any industry is the successful cultivation of clients, and for many dentists this involves providing superior services and engaging in sound retention practices.

Think about the additional value your practice could present to both prospects and patients in the form of a newsletter. The investment in patient education and regular communication will truly set your practice apart and establish a strong reputation for great service. Don't forget team training and maintaining that positive attitude everyday and at every interaction - and you'll have a winning and growing dental operation!