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Many dental practices devote most of their marketing and outreach efforts to client retention, but it is critically important to continually refresh one's list of regular patients. Even a "perfect" dental office will lose at least 20 percent of clients when they move, find new jobs that offer different types of insurance and other common reasons. As such, regular direct mail and print marketing strategies to the community surrounding a practice need to be developed.

What's important to remember about reaching out to new clients with dental practice marketing is to begin with effective targeting. Review the areas where you draw your existing patients, and apply these demographics to targeted areas to build your list of prospects. Secondly you'll want to consider the differentiators you want to highlight for your practice - what's your competitive advantage - that will be prominent in every marketing piece. Thirdly consider the quality of your first impression. Be sure that your dental materials reflect the practice's sincerest efforts and best offers.

For example, the first thing that should be made clear on any marketing items is the genuine reason why a particular dentist's office is unique. Practices and medical professionals don't need to adopt affectations just to set themselves apart, but they do need to be very clear about why their practice stands out from the crowd. Such a value proposition can be as simple (and as true) as the fact that a particular practice is the only one in the area to offer a certain convenience, procedure, new technology or extended operating hours.

Another important part of marketing to new patients to keep in mind is that when the products and services that dental professionals provide are actually as good and valuable as the marketing materials imply - make sure that wonderful first impression you've worked so hard to create isn't blown on the first patient phone call! It only takes one visit to transform a stranger to a regular patient, as such, it’s worth investing in the best quality marketing materials you can, including content relevant to your target market and training your team to convert at the higest possible rate. Keep these tips in mind in order to systematically generate a steady flow of new regular clients.