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If you want to grow your practice into a thriving organization, you need to build a reputation in the marketplace of being the superior oral health care provider in the community. In most instances, customer loyalty is developed through unique business-to-consumer relationships, and in the dental industry it is no different.

Dental direct marketing can go a long way in reaching out to prospective patients and encouraging them to make appointments with your practice. However, even with a clearly defined lead list and superior services, you won't make the impact in the marketplace you want if you don't use the appropriate advertising channel or presentation quality representative of your services and expected fee collection.

Direct mail offers a 100 percent reach with your prospective patients, but if you send people bland mailers or cheap looking flyers, you can’t expect them to be amazed by your offers. Don’t waste your time and resources. In order to make a positive impact, leave long-lasting impressions and convince your recipients to react to the content you send them, you need to use marketing materials proven to attract quality patients and get them to schedule appointments.

It is proven that newsletters drive 70% more new patient calls than postcards.

When you sit down to conceptualize your next direct mail marketing effort, consider how certain services may offer you tools that can help you succeed. Patient News is a leading direct mail solutions provider who can help you drive more traffic through your front door.

When you utilize Patient News' services, you will realize an excellent return on investment. In fact, the one of a kind direct mail campaigns drive patients not only to your phone, but also your door and your website. Dentists are able to activate a higher number of new patients and increase revenue simply by working with the marketers at Patient News.

In fact, when you partner with Patient News for their highly customized and branded patient newsletters, and activate the call tracking and scoring benefits you can significantly boost your response rates. This helps you reach a higher number of prospective patients, and gives you the chance to convert those leads to patients through the content you provide.

While you may have used online marketing practices to try to save costs, you might want to switch to direct mail for its proven ability to generate great returns. When your prospective patients receive well-written print media that speaks to their inherent needs, you will find that they will be grateful for what you offer, and will schedule their appointments with you.