Man and woman building rapport with eachother.

In order to manage your practice effectively and achieve monetary success, you need to be active in building rapport with your patients-of-record. When you sit back and wait for people to make appointments, you are wasting valuable time where profits could normally be generated. Therefore, a creative dental marketing strategy needs to be designed to retain client attention and keep them coming back to your practice for more oral health services. In most instances, you will want to use direct mail to reach 100 percent of your target audience, as people tend to sift through their mail on a daily basis.

What's more, according to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), old-school direct-marketing channels like snail mail are not only here to stay, but are still the most successful methods. The DMA report found that direct mail responses have dipped over the past few years, but they remain well above all other marketing channels. In fact, direct mail is 10 to 30 times more effective than email and a variety of other digital channels.

The report went on to cite unique data points that support its claim. For every 1,000 existing customers receiving a direct mail piece, approximately 34 will respond to the content. However, with email, only 1 customer out of 1,000 recipients would follow the solicitation. While email can be a successful practice, it best supports a business if it complements direct marketing practices.

As a dentist, these findings can help you tailor your marketing plans to make the biggest possible impact in your field. When you use dental newsletters to promote the many unique qualities of your practice, your clients will respond to the content and schedule future appointments. In addition to improving conversion rates, the included material can also educate your patients on best oral health practices, so they become happier people in general. After they begin to notice a difference in their smile, the dentist-to-patient relationship is only further solidified.

In order to compete in today's competitive marketplace, you need a dental advertising program that sets your operation apart from other dental practices. This can be done through superior marketing and the use of eye-catching direct mail content. If struggling to discover your professional edge, consult with a dentistry marketing service to help you find greater success.