The design of an effective logo can be an important part of a dental practice marketing plan. For a practice starting out in a community, establishing a clean and memorable logo from day one can go a long way toward engaging with potential new patients in the neighborhood. According to Smashing Magazine, the most integral goal of logos is that they are used to identify, to establish a recognizable flag for customers to flock toward. Once the logo has been created, it can subsequently be featured in all marketing initiatives that go out within the community. However, designing a good logo requires more than just a dazzling artistic splash. Here are some of the key principles behind efficacious logo design.

According to Logobird, good logo designs have to be relevant to the industry and the target market. For a dental practice, this might seem to be the simplest item to mark off on the checklist, but we must understand consumer behavior first. Many logo designers feel that a tooth will fit the bill - but this is not the case. People feare dentistry, and a logo featuring roots only connects patients to tooth removal. Unless you're a pedo practice that wants to have fun with a walking tooth cartoon - stay away from teeth in your logo. Create an apealing logo that establishes a dental or oral healthcare "feeling" of friendliness, cleanliness and calm at first glance will create an effective recollection or association in the potential patient's mind. More importantly, a relevant logo will be evergreen, lasting throughout the entire tenure of your practice and constantly bringing in new patients.

The most effective dental practice marketing efforts today consist of a variety of different channels. Therefore, the dental practice logo plastered across each of these mediums has to be versatile enough to work regardless of which format it is on, according to .net Magazine. In addition to making sure the logo looks as good on dental postcards as it does on patient newsletters, dental practices also have a physical presence that must be accounted for. Design a logo that would look good on a billboard and at the practice itself.

Finally, every good logo should be memorable. Think about all the famous logos of popular brands today - Nike, McDonald's, Coca-Cola - and how quickly your brain is able to recall them and associate them with their product. The goal is to have your dental practice logo accomplish the same thing. This is where your practice can flex its creative muscle and experiment with various colors and designs. As long as the logo remains clean and appropriate, there is a reasonable amount of leeway to work with here.