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Why You Need A Unique Value Proposition

Wayne Lavery

How To Earn Your POWERFUL Gold Star
(Valuable insight from your dental marketing company!)

Your dental marketing company recommends a Unique Value Proposition to appeal to patients

Before you begin connecting the dots of your dental marketing campaign – finding ideal patients, attracting them, and retaining the best and most profitable patients – you need to create your Unique Value Proposition (UVP).

The only way for your dental practice to stand out from the crowd of dentists marketing to your target market is to differentiate your Unique Value Proposition. This means you need to know your audience and what they want and serve it up in a way that’s unique, relevant, and memorable to that audience.

A strong UVP will readily summarize why the people who live in the market area surrounding your dental practice should use your dental services. It will drive the marketing messages you will use to convince your prospective dental patients that your dental office and your team will add more value to their dental visit. It will build your brand image and demonstrate how you solve patient problems better than your dental competitors, whether they have similar offerings or whether prospective patients simply perceive they do.

Your UVP needs to:

  • Solve a patient problem
  • Communicate a specific value that is unlike your primary competitors’
  • Be easy to understand
  • Appeal to your strongest decision makers in a succinct manner
  • Clarify the #1 reason your practice is distinctly better than alternative practices.

A unique value proposition also has both the practical and emotional benefits of a product or service. Let’s look at “emergency care” for example…

  • Practical benefit to the patient – Convenience, peace of mind, good outcome. It also gives you a genuine opportunity to book continued care at your practice … which increases future treatment acceptance … which, by the way, positively impacts your bottom line.
  • Emotional benefit to the patient – Immediate trust in the dentist. Your interaction with this patient jumps queue to immediately establish a relationship … which leads to patient loyalty … which gives you a fantastic opportunity to achieve every patient’s lifetime value … which, again, positively impacts your bottom line. (Did you know that while 75% of dentists feel that the public holds them in high regard, according to a consumer study, patients don’t even rank them at a 10% trust level!)

A powerful gold star is earned when dentists use a Unique Value Proposition

Take the time. Do your research. Get help from a dental marketing company like Patient News, because when you nail your Unique Value Proposition, you’ll be connecting the dots and coloring within the lines. You’ll also be deserving of a gold star in dental marketing.

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