Best Advertising Agency for Dentists OR Dental Clinic Advertising Agency in the USA and Canada

As a dental office, it is crucial that you are able to get new patients through your door. Your marketing strategy needs to encompass all of the ways that your potential patients will find you. Patient News is a full service dental marketing agency specializing in creating effective campaigns that work. We have extensive experience in advertising for dentists, creating tailored campaigns that maximize visibility and engagement. Here, we discuss the benefits of a custom approach to digital marketing for dentists.

Top 10 Effective Dental Advertising Ideas to Grow the Dental Practice

There are many ways that you can increase visibility to your potential customer base online. At Patient News, we recommend the following ideas to grow your practice.

1. Research your market and competition

There is no way to enact a successful marketing strategy without understanding what your potential patients and customers need. Research is the initial step, and by checking out what your competition is doing and what your patients are asking for, you can guide the next steps of planning and creating your campaign.

2. Plan your campaign

One of the first steps in any good strategy for advertising for dentists is to plan your campaign. What aspects do you think you want to focus on? You do not need to adopt every tool to grow your brand, and a more effective campaign usually focuses on doing a few aspects well.

3. Build your website

One of the most important resources for your business, as well as your dental marketing strategy, is your website. Here, you provide online access to your business, providing your patients with useful tools such as online booking, new patient forms, and other things that your patients and referring doctors need. Your website also provides a way for you to gain exposure for your practice.

4. Optimize your website with keywords for visibility

Once your website is functional, the next step is to optimize the content that you are presenting to your visitors. Your goal is to rank highly in search engine results. By researching the optimal keywords and sprinkling them through your website content you can ensure that your website has great visibility in all major search engines. You can even optimize your keywords to target people living in or traveling through your local area in order to get more people through your door.

5. Paid advertising

An organic search engine optimization strategy has the power to generate lucrative results, but these techniques take time. You can speed up the process with paid advertising, where your website is shown at the top of search engine results when your patients are already looking for your services.

6. Branding

Effective branding is crucial for all businesses, not just dentists. Branding allows you to create a clear and consistent message to your patients, and can include aspects such as logos, website designs, formatting of your emails, social media, and more. With a great approach to branding your patients will see you as an authoritative player in your industry.

7. Content marketing

Your market can connect better with you if they know your story. Content marketing is a great way to establish your narrative, showing your human side through blog posts as well as on various aspects of your website and social media. Content is also a place to focus on search engine optimization, too, and can help you place higher within search engine results.

8. Social media marketing

Everyone uses social media these days, so it is crucial that you adopt a strategy that engages your users. Regular posts on all social media platforms can go a long way in helping your customers connect with your business. Plus, it gives you the ability to go viral, which can be one of the most effective marketing strategies available to you.

9. Email marketing

Reaching out to your patients on a regular basis can be a great way to keep your business in the forefront of their mind. In fact, with a well-developed email marketing strategy, you can even increase referrals, expanding your business in a natural and organic way.

10. Analytics

Once you have implemented one or more of the above dental marketing ideas, you need to follow up on them. Rather than set them and forget them, analyzing your results can help you fine tune the aspects that are not working as hard for you. Stay on top of results in a consistent way, and you will see your dental marketing strategy take form to generate more consistent results that support the growth of your practice.

Why a Dental Advertising Agency is Important for Dentists?

Advertising for dental clinics can take many forms. You do important work, and your advertising strategy is going to differ from one that an ecommerce website would use. Patient News is a specialized advertising agency for dentists, and we have developed the ultimate strategy for success when it comes to creating hype around our clients’ brands. We understand the unique facets of your business, creating custom campaigns from the ground up that have the potential to drive consistent growth for your practice.

Why is digital marketing important for dentists?

Dentists may not always think about digital marketing, but with a high quality strategy you can ensure that your practice is as busy as possible.

The Benefits of Dental Clinic Advertising for the Dental Practice

Dentist advertising can have the power to set you up for long lasting success. There are many benefits to adopting a digital marketing strategy customized for your unique needs as a dentist. As a full service dental SEO agency, the team at Patient News understands all aspects of the work that you do, and we use this knowledge to perform extensive research into your brand. We assess the competition, understanding what is working for them so that your solution has maximum power.


If you are interested in getting started with custom advertising for dentists in the USA or Canada, Patient News is by your side. Reach out to our team today to get started on your project by calling us at (888) 377-2404.

Does my dental clinic actually need a digital marketing service?

Digital marketing can be extremely complex, so with a dental marketing agency on your side you can be sure that your return on investment is maximized.

How do I promote my dentist office on social media?

There are many ways in which you can promote your dental practice on social media. Set up a dedicated social media page for your business, and be sure to make regular posts showcasing your services as well as stories of interest to your patients.

How do the advertising agency market dentists' services?

We utilize a number of effective techniques to market dental services. We perform comprehensive research into your business and competition, then use search engine optimization, website development, branding, paid advertising, and content marketing to draw attention to your practice.

How do you acquire new dental patients?

It can be challenging to attract patients as a new dental practice, but with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy you can ensure that you have the highest visibility.

Does digital advertising for dentists work?

Yes. Through our work we have seen that digital advertising can be extremely effective for dentists.

What are the main ways to advertise my dental practice?

You can adopt a range of strategies, such as digital marketing techniques including SEO, paid advertising, branding, and more.

Why hire a dental advertising agency?

A dental advertising agency has unique knowledge of your industry, providing specialized services that can help you see success.

How do I find the best dental advertising company for my practice?

Choose a dental advertising agency that has demonstrated results in creating effective campaigns for their clients. Read reviews and testimonials to see how they have helped clients in the past.

How can I improve my dental advertising?

Working with a dental marketing agency can help you create an advertising strategy that works.

How do we plan to help grow dentists' practice by attracting more of the patients you want?

We use a range of effective techniques to create more exposure for your business. These include SEO, paid advertising, branding, website development, and analytics.

How do I use Practice ZEBRA software to track dentists' advertising progress?

Practice ZEBRA contains a range of features, such as in-depth analytics, that help you follow the success of your campaign throughout its length.

How does Practice ZEBRA software help me measure dental advertising practice?

As part of Practice Zebra, you have access to a range of intelligence features that provide outstanding marketing support, so that you can follow along from start to finish throughout the length of your campaign.