Dr. Christopher Menghini - 15% Increase In Active Patients

Christopher Menghini

Practice Background:

Dr. Menghini owns and operates a full-service general dental practice. In addition to providing safe high-quality care, he and his team focus on gentle dentistry with a personal touch and ensuring his patients are well-informed of all their options. 

Outstanding Practice Results After 1 Year:

  • Average monthly production increased by $10,000/month

  • Monthly new-patient flow almost doubled

  • 15% increase in active patients

  • After 2 flat years, 25% increase in revenue 

What We Love About Patient News:

  • What I can tell you about Patient News is their comprehensive marketing programs are definitely worth it!

  • The demographic and area analysis that Patient News provides works! Many of our patients love having a dentist close to home. Patient News will help you find your ideal target market and get your phones ringing.

  • The Marketing Performance Dashboard’s call tracking and call scoring feature helped us identify new-patient call-blockers that we weren’t aware of. We easily corrected and immediately improved call conversion, e.g. we adjusted our office hours so we could answer the phone during high-call-volume times that we simply didn’t know about.

  • We support our local community through pro bono dentistry.

  • Our best tip to book more new-patient appointments is to save space in the schedule. Pre-block times for only new patients so you can offer a caller 2 choices in the immediate few days.

  • The offer patients have responded to most is our free 2nd opinion consultation. It gets patients in the door without commitment and we can “sell” our practice to them face-to-face.

  • The best thing we ever purchased for the practice … VoiceProTM!

  • The biggest influence on my decision to become a dentist was my grandfather.

  • Younger dentists today should expand their knowledge.

  • The best thing about being a dentist is helping patients.

  • The worst thing about being a dentist is the back pain!

  • When I’m not practicing dentistry, I like to hunt, camp, and hike.

  • The best thing about working with Patient News is that they are super knowledgeable. Especially Carrie, our Account Manager.

  • Final word: No matter how busy you are, NEVER turn a new patient away! ALWAYS accommodate their schedule. Chances are if you make them wait for an appointment or book too far out, they will go somewhere else.