Get Dental Marketing In Florida To Surpass The Competition

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A full-service approach to grow & exceed patients’ expectations

If you’ve been looking for dental marketing in Florida, you’ve probably come across several companies that promise results. So, the million-dollar question is: how do you pick one?

There are numerous things to keep in mind, including a proven track record, experience, and the available services, among other key attributes. It’s valuable to join forces with an organization that has worked with dentists and is knowledgeable about the business of dentistry.

Patient NEWS is a reputable dental marketing agency in Florida and North America. Solo practices, groups, and DSOs have achieved incredible success with us. Some are newcomers experiencing stand-out results with our digital offerings, including dental website design and SEO services. Others have been with us since day one when our primary focus was targeted direct mail for dentists in Florida, the rest of the US, and Canada.

Our digital offerings include:

  • SEO services for dentists in Florida
  • Practice intelligence & marketing automation with Practice ZEBRA, the best dental software in Florida
  • Dental group marketing in Florida – with strategies and services for organizations with multiple offices
  • Online reputation management
  • WebLift™ dental website design services in Florida that will catch the eyes of prospective patients and get them to choose you.

And that’s just a snapshot of what we can do for you in the online world. To look at it all, browse our dental marketing solutions page.

Dental marketing in Florida works

“One of the things that I really liked about Patient NEWS was that it was a one-stop shop for everything, essentially.” – Dr. Michael R., Ocean Dental Studio, Boynton Beach, FL