Dental Marketing In Ohio For Leading Dental Practices

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Get a customized plan to transform your organization

What does it take to get and stay ahead of the pack this year? The answer: cutting-edge, customized dental marketing in Ohio.

Well, at Patient NEWS, we provide clients of all types (solo offices, groups, and DSOs) access to a full suite of marketing solutions and technology designed to maximize the patient journey and profits. If you’re looking for a well-respected agency with a proven track record, we encourage you to get in touch. But you don’t have to take our word for it. The proof is in our video testimonials and Google reviews from clients across North America.

So, what makes our formula so successful? Before making any recommendations, our expert team will speak with you and conduct extensive research to extract valuable information. This includes identifying your target market, demographics, competitors, and more. From there, we’ll connect you to Practice ZEBRA, the best dental software in Ohio, to look at current key performance metrics and find new opportunities. It’s the all-in-one cloud-based software that provides practice intelligence and marketing automation to practices of all sizes. For example, groups and DSOs benefit from ZEBRA Enterprise’s actionable data and roll-up reporting. See exactly what’s happening at multiple offices in a single view!

Some of our marketing solutions include:

  • Neighborhood and patient newsletters. It’s targeted direct mail for dentists in Ohio and beyond.
  • WebLift™, the fastest dental website services in Ohio. Stand out with a strong web presence and give patients the information they want.
  • SEO services for dentists in Ohio that will help you improve your ranking on Google.
  • Phone call training. Ensure your team knows what to say to convert more calls into appointments.
  • Marketing automation. Reach patients when they’re at home with valuable oral health tips and urgent office updates/specials.

Ready to hit your goals this year and get the most out of your marketing dollars? Call today.