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Email works. Hassle Free & Affordable.

e-Bulletins & Holiday Greetings

The easiest way to add value to your patient experience, re-engage lapsers & increase referrals. 

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Keep your name in front of patients consistently with your welcomed monthly e-blast

Improve your patient experience, and strengthen loyalty by sharing fresh educational content. 

Responsive Designs Your message gets read on any device

  • Fast & Easy Set it & forget it!
  • Clear call to action generates response

Multi-Channel Communication Strengthens Patient Loyalty

  • High Quality Presentation
  • Supports you as an expert in your field


Working with Patient News has been a fantastic experience! They have good suggestions, great services, and we're very pleased with our newsletter!

- Eastside Dental,

Build Patient Trust & Practice Credibility

Your patients are receiving competitive messages from other dentists every day. They have unlimited choice for their oral health, so show patients you care by investing in a monthly value-added email newsletter program. When your dental patients leave your practice, what's the next piece of communication they will receive from you? An invoice? A statement? A reminder call or email 6 months later?

  • Do you even know if they had a good experience?
  • Do you know for sure they are going to keep their next scheduled appointment?
  • Do they have another appointment scheduled?
  • Do they know you accept referrals?
  • Are they aware of all of the services they can get from your practice?


The #1 Reason Patients Leave A Practice Is Perceived Indifference

Show patients you care for a boost in patient satisfaction. Unlike an obvious promotional blast or reminder call, your monthly e-bulletin featuring quality educational content will be welcomed. Supplement your e-bulletin with timely seasonal promotions like encouraging use of insurance benefits.

The minor investment you need to make to "set & forget" this program will pay off in dividends. It reinforces the trust patients had with you while they were in your practice, and it will keep your name visible in patient homes. Please call one of our dental marketing experts for more information. It's a no-brainer! 

Email Bulletins For A Dental Practice

Email marketing remains one of the most effective means of connecting with your existing book of business, and when you add value to that communication, you're rewarded with client loyalty. 

A large rainbow-coloured butterfly flying next to a smaller, brown butterflyOur dental email marketing program manages your contacts, sends emails and tracks your results. According to Forbes.com, email marketing is alive and well and ... growing. 73% of marketers claimed that email marketing was a core strategy for their business, and close to 60% plan to increase their efforts. 

One of the biggest setbacks you face at your dental practice, is coming up with great content for your monthly email blast. Now you can have it all taken care of for you with Patient News. Your monthly e-bulletin newsletter will keep you connected to your dental patients in a way that is completely manageable for your team. Our beautiful responsive designs ensure high readership, and you already know you can rely on Patient News for exceptional patient educational content, so call today to get started.