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The Art of Customer Service

Evaluating key performance indicators (KPIs) shows us how close we are to achieving our goals. Benchmarking and tracking KPIs throughout your practice is the foundation for any performance improvement strategy, and the front-line first point of contact for prospective patients is essential. 

It's likely that you have set your daily, weekly and monthly production and collection goals. You may have the "just one more" program instituted. But are you tracking your inbound call activity? Do you know how many new patient calls are missed or go to voice mail? Do you know the rate at which each call handler converts a prospective new patient into an appointment?

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Our Marketing Performance Dashboard will ensure you capitalize on every new patient opportunity, improve productivity and overall practice revenue. We support your team with our best-in-class new patient onboarding Telephone Training program. When your team knows what they need to do on each inbound call, they will become much more efficient, they will book far more new patient calls, and they will understand the importance of optimizing practice efficiencies. 

Find out where you might be missing opportunities and losing money. Call one of our dental marketing experts to help you capture more new patient opportunities.